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Twice as expensive as the RTX 3090 New NVIDIA

For several months, Nvidia has been offering GPUs in addition to classic graphics cards, which were specially developed for mining. The new top model has now appeared in online auction houses and is offered there for tons. On the other hand, even the RTX 3090 is almost favorable.

CMP 170HX: New NVIDIA graphics card for $ 4,300 US dollars

The hardware crisis continues to stop and also has a negative effect on the availability of graphics cards. For over a year, the graphics accelerator of AMD and Nvidia has now been in short supply, which leads to utopian prices on the market.

That s exactly what Nvidia has officially led to artificially throttle the mining performance of its normal gaming graphics cards and instead offer special mining gpus for crypto treachers that work significantly more efficiently.

Now a new graphics card model of the mining segment in the network has emerged: The CMP 170Hx – the top model of the new series. However, the card was not officially presented – she appeared only on some auction pages. The dealers require converted just under $ 4,300 for the mining graphics card.

For comparison: The GeForce RTX 3090, the current fastest gaming graphics card from Nvidia, has a RRP of 1,499 euros. The CMP 170 HX is thus twice as expensive as your gaming counterpart (Source: Tom s Hardware).

While nvidia works on new graphics cards, Apple recently introduced a new MacBook – more in the cards HEADLINES:

When the new mining graphics card officially starts on sale – and at what price – is still open so far.

Mining gpus does not come in

This Video Card Costs Over $5000
Although the impact of crypto feed is still trendy, Nvidia s previous revenues with the mining graphics cards remain even further behind its own expectations.


Bitcoin Mining: Make money on the PC

Martin Maciej

Nvidia, however, also seems to be able to stick to the mining strategy in the future. Whether pervasive assets pay off at the end remains to be seen. Currently, crypto currencies are quite profitable, but Schürmen will remember the huge collapse of the Bitcoin course in May 2021 and sometimes let something more caution in the future.