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X Org 21 1 0 sees a launch with Variable refresh price assistance in the modesetting driver

After three years without a full release, X.Org 21.1.0 has finally landed with brand-new functions as well as a great deal of pest repairs. While the next-generation for all Linux systems will ultimately be Wayland, lots still default to it.

Developer Povilas Kanapickas announced the launch on October 27, noting that they expect issues to come up one more time people begin using it with a 21.1.1 variation patch being prepared to show up in the next couple of weeks instead of their normal time of a couple of months. For a pointer: XWayland, the task that ensures backwards compatibility with applications on Wayland is currently released as its very own point.

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Right here s the release highlights:

The meson support is currently completely mature. While autotools sustain will still be maintained for this release series, it will certainly be dropped after that.
Beauty assistance for Xvfb.
Variable refresh price assistance in the modesetting driver.
XInput 2.4 assistance which adds touchpad motions.
DMX DDX has been removed.
X web server now correctly reports display screen DPI in more instances. This may impact rendering of client applications that have their own workarounds for hi-DPI screens.
A lot of little functions as well as numerous bug repairs.

Article drawn from Wayland.