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Multiple X Force groups collide in multiversal Rob Liefeld Marvel special X

Three decades after the launching of Rob Liefeld as well as Fabian Nicieza s X-Force at Marvel Comics, Liefeld is back with X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1 that the iconic creator claims will certainly be their most significant, wildest, most substantial adventure to day.

Liefeld s X-Force storylines have actually constantly focused around the battle between Cable television and his damaged duplicate Stryfe, as well as after three decades of fighting (longer actually, considering they re both time-travelers) Cord is hiring various X-Force teams for a multi-pronged assault against his evil double – as well as if the book s title is any kind of indication, he s intending to kill him.

Have a look at this five-page unlettered sneak peek of X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1:

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X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1 preview

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After thirty years (give or take a thousand), Stryfe will finally get what he should have, co-writer Chad Bowers tweets regarding X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1.

As you can inform, Liefeld (and his proxy, Wire) has hired a few of his biggest Wonder creations for this story consisting of Deadpool, Domino, Shatterstar, and also the much more recent Significant X and also the Venom/Deadpool mashup Venompool.

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X-Force was a significant wager that repaid huge for Wonder, repaid large for retailers as well as it changed my life for life, Liefeld continues in the news. I m thrilled and also honored to share Killshot with everyone. Thirty years in the production, I plan to make every web page a massive kick for fans brand-new and old.

Along with drawing the primary cover for X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1, Liefeld has attracted eight variant covers – and also there will be a nine Liefeld variation, remastering a classic little 90s X-Force art. On top of that, J. Scott Campbell and also Ron Lim additionally contribute variant covers. Examine out every one of the X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1 alternative covers right here:

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X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1 covers

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X-Force: Killshot Anniversary Special 1 takes place sale on November 24.