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New Halloween pass and Macabre Modes for limited time in Red Dead online this week

This day as today October 26, in 2018, it came out Red Dead Redemption 2 , one of the most incredible games in history. One who continues to talk to his mysteries, and who are still playing thousands of players every week from Red Dead online.

Precisely, this week Rockstar has announced the novelties of Halloween for this year 2021, including a new mode and new battle pass , after finishing the Quick Draw Club passes that began last summer (which allows you to get the new pass free ).

The Halloween 2 pass will come out on October 28 , an improvement for limited time with macabre rewards, such as masks, new spotted garments and accessories. It has 15 levels, which you can complete until November 22.

Remember that the players who buy the four deliveries of the Quick Draw Club pass will get the free Halloween pass as a reward. In addition, this week, all players who have the Halloween 2 pass will receive a block in the barn and a free shirt (from among which are unlocked to level 15).

In playable matters, Halloween will bring a new temporary mode, to weapons: Halloween . They are clashes in the Armadillo positions, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle and the Bolger clear of attacks of alligators or cougars in search of human flesh, and of a ghost train that reaches the village of Armadillo.

This mode is bonus with double RDO $, gold and exp . The players who endure and survive the tenth wave in any way of arms: Halloween will receive 2,000 club exp of the club to redeem at the Halloween pass 2.

In addition, the Halloween outstanding series also offer twice the rewards, Dead of Night. In them, four teams must compete in number of casualties in a fight against the dead, something inspired by the popular DLC of the first Red Dead Undead Nightmare .

In the Store of Madam Nazar you can buy Halloween masks : The kill mask, the creature mask, the terrifying mask, the Gorrino mask, the Monster Mask and the Carnavaleca mask will be available for a limited time.

In addition, in your inventory you will receive 10 Snowberger candies and 5 chocolate bars. So you will not have to go ask to trick or deal! But if you want to do it also, attentive to the best Halloween costumes this year .

Finally, we remember the Discounts this week:

35% discount on all role outfits
5 gold ingots in the bandit antifaz
50% discount on hair cuts, dentists and makeup
30% discount on horse trotters of Norfolk
40% discount on body-to-body weapons
40% discount on bandols
30% discount on all items from the GUS store
30% discount on all gestures

Remember also that users of Prime Gaming , included in Amazon Prime, are brought together: Those who link their Social Club account Games and Prime Gaming before November 22 will receive as a reward the accessory they choose and A 50% discount on a versatile horse other than a role.