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Christmas 2021 The best gifts to please a gamer

The gaming market and its accessories on PC is still in full boom. In 2020, computers in France accounted for a turnover of 516 million euros, an increase of 20% compared to 2019, while PC accessories exceeded 175 million euros of income (+13%). Good health, which, if due to a particular year due to the confines that have boosted video games, also reflects a constant craze around this media. Audio helmets, keyboards, controllers, mouse… constitute the essential accessories to any gamer to excel. But other companies are also engaged in this market, like optician networks that highlight glasses to relieve eye fatigue and the effects of blue rays, while the IKEA giant launches a range of furniture. dedicated to play comfortably.

logitech G435 helmet

Pro gaming accessories, Logitech offers a range of atrial supra audio headsets at once POP and light (165 g) titled G435. Particularly comfortable models that offer an immersive sound atmosphere.

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Gamers (2020)

G435, Logitech, 79 euros.

SSD disk Ideal for Playstation 5

In recent weeks, Sony has been offering an update of the PlayStation 5, which makes it possible to add a SSD to extend storage. The operation is not very complex and simply requires a small cruciform screwdriver, there are many videos on the internet to help you. For a hundred euros, this crucial signed model fulfills its function very well, with flow rates up to 6,600 MB / s in reading. Our advice: Do not forget to provide a small thermal heating system to limit the internal temperature. Of course, other brands offer good quality alternatives, such as Samsung, Western Digital or Seagate.

SSD NVME P5 PLUS 500 GB, Compatible PlayStation 5, from 109 euros.

NVIDIA RTX 3060 graphics card

To enjoy the hits of the moment in satisfactory visual comfort, the NVIDIA RTX 3060 graphics cards make it possible to equip a good Gamer PC without breaking down. Especially if we compare to versions 3080, which still exceed the 1,200 euros, when they are available. Associated with a powerful machine, the result is carved for the titles of 2021, while displaying FHD or QHD fluid. Note: The Ray Tracing is also present.

RTX 3060, NVIDIA, from 335 euros.


Asus has just launched its Rog Flow 13. This PC Gaming can be equipped with a powerful NVIDIA graphics card and has a 13-inch screen that can pivot 360 °.

Rog Flow 13, Asus, from 1,499 euros.


Afflelou opticians accompany gamers. And because the view is the most solicited meaning when playing, the brand has launched glasses that highlight its expertise in this area. Since January 2020, Afflelou has become one of the partners of the famous E-Sport Vitality team, which brings together among the best professional players. And it is with them that opticians have designed a dedicated collection for maximum comfort and limiting ocular fatigue.

Collection of glasses VITALITY, AFFLELOU, Price: Determined according to the correction of glasses.

IKEA Armchair Gruppsel

In October, IKEA launched a new collection of gaming furniture. The giant furniture offers a dedicated range and realized with the expertise of Asus. Accessories are offered to install its hardware. Among the furniture on sale, ergonomic seats are marketed between 50 and 260 euros.

Gamer armchair MATSPEL, IKEA, 199 euros.

taunt for smartphone mg-x nacon

With the MG-X, naCon allows you to install a joystick around its Android mobile for better thrust sensations. The simple device to set up, connects to Bluetooth to your Android smartphone and offers up to 20 hours of autonomy. With all the features of an Xbox controller.

MG-X controller, Nacon, 99.90 euros.

NANOLEAF light slabs

In order to combine a sound and light experience within the gaming space, the company Nanoleaf offers lightning lights to dress the walls. These LED slabs provide fully configurable color variations. In combination with the Gaming Razer brand, these RGB slabs can also synchronize in real time with a game to bring a bright atmosphere in line with it.

The dynamic effects give to see a color game while degraded. It is possible to associate with the willingness of the particular effects according to the situations, for example to flash the luminaires in red if the life of the player is weak or to see life in blue to reflect the colors of the sky of a game adventure. It should be noted that several forms of slabs are also available to best associate with the decoration of a room. Nanoleaf offers kits including a defined number of panels for custom installation.

Triangle Starter Kit Shapes (9 panels), Nanoleaf, 199.99 euros.


A game event, a handle of circumstance. Microsoft accompanies the exit of Forza Horizon 5, scheduled for November 9th on Xbox Series and PC, an Xbox pad specially produced for the occasion. Gamers know how much XBox controls are known for their excellent ergonomics. The American manufacturer therefore declines these in the colors of his flagship games.

And colors, this special edition does not miss it. It appears with a clear bright yellow plastic, allowing to see the electronic components, while an explosion of colors combining the intense blue and the purple covers its surface. Like all Xbox controllers, these are compatible with Series X / S and One consoles, but also with Windows PCs.

Forza Horizon 5 Wireless Controller Limited Edition, Microsoft, 69.99 Euros.

mouse Roccat Kone Pro

Well known Gamers, the Roccat brand has launched this year a new range of Kone Pro mice (with or wireless) with an identifiable aesthetic in the blink of an eye, since its two buttons illuminate with programmable LEDs. Above all, these mice gaming prove very ergonomic and precise.

KONE PRO wired mouse, Roccat, 79,99 euros, wireless version, 109.99 euros.


Alienware celebrates 25 years this year and markets for the occasion its new Gaming Aurora PC. A model all in transparency to highlight the components that boost this war machine. A carved PC to accommodate the most powerful graphics cards on the market and has an effective cooling system.

PC Gaming Aurora, Alienware, Price: NC


The Legend of Zelda celebrates 35 years this year and Nintendo chose to celebrate her flagship adventure game by offering her own retro console. Like Super Mario Bros. Last year, a dedicated Game & Watch, inspired by the famous electronic games of the 1980s, will be marketed on November 12th.

This small machine incorporates three mythical games that The Legend of Zelda I and II, released on NES, and Link s Awakening on Game Boy. Added to this is a special small game with Link and clocks built into the colors of the saga. What to revisit hyrule lands with nostalgia and everywhere with you.

GAME & WATCH: The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, 49.99 euros.

Flying ThrustMaster T248

Automotive sport fans know, nothing beats a good flywheel back to immerse yourself in a race simulation. Recently marketed, Thrustmaster s T248 is currently required as one of the best market with optimized and versatile return for any type of simulation. Particularly solid, it is sold with a high-end pedal.

Flying T248, Thrustmaster, 349.99 euros.

SSD Western Digital Disc

Convenient and space-saving, this Western Digital SSD disc is an ideal companion to take its games with yourself and offer a useful extension from 480 GB for a more affordable price.


Keyboard SteelSeries APEX 7 TKL GHOST

SteelSeries has just launched a collection of keyboards and mice all in transparency to showcase a colored LED light set. Called Ghost (Phantom in French), this limited edition range highlights the Apex 7 TKL Ghost keyboard, a particularly successful model of aesthetic and which rests on the basis of the tkl keyboard already acclaimed by many gamers for its qualities of comfort comfort..

Apex Keyboard 7 TKL Ghost, SteelSeries, 179.99 euros.