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Infifa 22 you can just complete the SBC FUT-HERO-UPGRADE. But is this challenge really worth it?

What is the fut-hero upgrade? It is an SBC for which you have to solve three part tasks. The SBC calls for you:

An 83-total team with a TOTW player and 60 chemistry
An 85-total team with a TOTW player and 55 chemistry
An 86-total team with 40 chemistry.

For the part challenges there is a small pack reward. As a total reward, a hero-upgrade pack waves – that is a pack in which one of the new FUT Heroes is included. These are football heroes of bygone days assigned to different leagues. Mario Gomez is one of the Bundesliga heroes.

The Heroes are new cards included in FIFA 22 for the first time – and some of them are extremely useful. Since they are not easy to pull from packs, the SBC offers an interesting chance to secure a Hero.

But is that worthwhile?

Only a little hero cards are worth the use

What does the SBC? On the portal Futbin, the SBC is currently led by overall costs of just over 180,000 coins.

The 83er challenge costs players worth about 20,000 coins.
The 85-challenge requires cards worth about 65,000 coins.

FUT HERO PACKS! 10x FUT HERO Upgrade Packs! FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
The 86 challenge requires player worth approx. 100,000 coins.

However, this only applies if you would buy all the players for the challenge – you use already existing player from the club, you can press the price. Nevertheless, these players may still be useful for other SBCs and the like.

Therefore, you should think closely if you really want to tackle the upgrade. Because: There are numerous heroes cheaper on the transfer market.

What costs Heroes currently? Currently there are only 6 Hero cards that cost more than 180,000 coins on the transfer market (via Futbin, PlayStation Prices).

David Ginola (about 2.2 million)
Abedi Pelé (about 950,000)
Antonio di Natale (about 947,000)
Iván Córdoba (about 510,000)
Robbie Keane (about 475,000)
Joe Cole (about 379,000)

If you actually take one of these cards, you can appreciate happily. But these are numerous heroes, which could also be made cheaper on the transfer market.

The current cost (on PlayStation, Via Futbin):

Morientes (about 165,000)
Solskjaer (about 112,000)
Ljungberg (about 95,000)
Mostovoi (about 83,500)
Milito (about 78,000)
Gomez (about 68,500)
Kohler (about 65,600)
Dudek (about 54,000)
Ricken (about 41,000)
Cahill (about 38,500)
Campos (about 20,500)
Sami al-Jaber (about 18,000)

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Accordingly, there are more cards whose price does not necessarily correspond to the current SBC. It is therefore a great risk that is involved with the hero upgrade, which will only be worth lucky. In addition, it should be remembered that the cards are unchanged – accordingly, they can not sell them on the transfer market and they should fit better in their own team.

The upgrade may be worthwhile if you really have much unchangeable SBC lining in the club that you want to get rid of. Otherwise you should think that exactly.

In general, a lot about card prices and the transfer market is spoken in FUT. Youtuber Runthefutmarket is just a big problem in Ultimate Team, which is related to the market.