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GES21 Chronicle of the return to physical space in electronic sports

This last week was held in Kinépolis, Madrid, this year s edition of Global ESPORTS SUMMIT. The event has been one of the first within national electronic sports in having a totally face-to-face approach, once the pandemic seems to give a truce to our country.

MGG Spain, as well as its webedia matrix, were present at the event actively. Both me in the first person could be a partner of a round table as it was Esports: What s Next? As a moderator, as our partner Alberto Fernández participating in that talk and one more as it was ESPORTS & SPORTS, Towards a hybridization?.

E-Sports Reporter - SNL

In addition to enjoying an active role of the GES21, I could also go to several of the talks, make use of the networking area and review everything that proposed the event during this year s edition. And this is our opinion and our chronicle of it.

A genially organized event

That is the feeling of a person who has participated professionally at the event. With the exception of one more than understandable delay of a few minutes with respect to official schedule, the Global ESPORTS SUMIT flowed in the optimal way.

At the technical level there was no problem, and that which was counted on the huge screen of the largest film room in Europe, entertaining talks and papers with its imposing size. An outstanding for the Networking area, in which each of the actors had an assigned table, fulfilling the mission to make known projects and collect information about colleagues in the sector.

The comfort of Kinépolis room 19, added to its size, allowed the minimum security distances between people at all times. All a success that location and the use of a place effectively tested when it comes to carrying out events as well as Kinépolis.

I must recognize that I have firm positions in certain issues treated in the event, whether it was on tables or in papers, something that caused me some internal friction. However, I have to say that the general tone of the event, tremendously didactic, and the quality of guests, makes that, even if it is not going to change my opinion, you can know more about some issues.

If I have to stay with any of the talks, I would like to highlight the presence of speakers like Vlad Solovei of ESPORTS CHARTS, and panels like the moderate by the journalist of the Agency Efe Miguel Ángel Moreno, tournaments and competitions, today and tomorrow. The first served to learn more about the metrics and complemented with the chaos of the metrics in the ESPORTS, where the companion of his Sergii Rudenko was present; While the second allowed to give a voice to the tournament organizers.

In summary, a very enjoyable event for everyone, but especially useful for professionals in the sector. It was possible so much to use its powerful networking, such as learning from the hand of industry colleagues.