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Nintendo Switch faces a production shortage citing electronic chip problems

Technical convergence, likewise referred to as electronic convergence, is the tendency for modern technologies that were initially unassociated to end up being more very closely incorporated and also unified as they create as well as advance. For example, watches, telephones, television, computer systems, as well as social media sites systems began as separate as well as mostly unconnected modern technologies, yet have actually merged in lots of methods right into related parts of a telecommunication and media industry, sharing usual elements of digital electronics and software.

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A scarcity of microchips stimulated by the current battle against COVID-19 means that technological companies have more harm than usual to find this key hardware component – and Nintendo does not get much better. Each company facing this problem must find a workaround, perhaps finding new sources of parts or adjusting the dependence of its technology to this technology. But none of the two options are easy, so the solution chosen by Nintendo is simply to produce less. About 20% less, if we rely on a Nikkei Asia report. The site estimates that despite the expected production of 30 million switches (ie for all models, OLED switch included), they can only produce 24 million by the end of the year – Just not enough to meet the expected demand of the product.

If you were waiting for a price drop before you get a new switch, you may wait a while. With a high demand and low production, it is a recipe for an increase in prices, especially in the secondary market. Unless you agree with this long waiting game, it might be better to buy now because these prices will only increase or not at all.

This news is particularly sad for the Nintendo Oled Switch model, which is not even on the tablets for a month. The console is still very recent and the sales damaged at this stage of a console s life cycle are particularly embarrassing. At the very least, Nintendo seems to be well in 2021, Kotaku citing exceptionally efficient versions of the company like Metroid Dread. And with two well-awaited versions of Pokemon who are fast approaching, Nintendo should be just outside game sales. However, sales of damaged consoles will be a blow for a year also decent – and with a little luck, these damages should not last too long.

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