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LOL Riot is associated with EPIC its games will arrive at the Epic Games Store and there will be more collaborations

Unreal Engine is a proprietor computer game engine created by Epic Games. The main competitors of this engine are Unity and the cryteng crysgine.

Since Riot Games was founded with the aim of developing and launching League of Legends, the company has remained independent of the rest of the industry. Although there will have been hundreds of offers, a collaboration or introduction of any of its games on an external platform was never specified. A tradition that the developer has broken double-ended with the announcement of a long-term collaboration with Epic Games that will take all its titles to the Store of the Fortnite creators.

Epic Games Store: Doing Far Worse Than You Thought
Riot arrives at the Epic Games Store

The announcement of the launch of all Riot Games videogames at the Epic Games Store arrives shortly after both developers have made the appearance of Jinx in Fortnite official. An approach of postures that will allow the developer to expose a new audience without affecting current players, since it will not be mandatory to download games on this new platform and we can continue to use our usual login methods: both Your game client as direct opening.

In fact, All players who download one of the Riot titles will have to go through the official gambling of the company to play. A somewhat cumbersome method that serves more as a promotional campaign that will allow the discovery of the game by new somewhat younger players and that is established as the first step of long-term collaboration.

The agreement between both companies should not affect the next launch of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The first game of a single player of Riot Games has set its premiere before the conclusion of the year 2021 and, although among its platforms is the Epic Games Store, also Figure Steam as an alternative store in which we can become with title.