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Pok mon Go Activation of the light festival is on

The light festival seams: In Pokémon Go stands the next event in front of the door. Let s start on 5 November at 10 o clock. You then have time to participate in the colorful bustle by November 14th. Within the event, you will open up to 45 gifts per day, which include more items than regular. In addition, the friendship level to the light festival is twice as fast as otherwise. And: The storyline around the mysterious Hoopa continues. If you conclude special research for this season, you can attend a special event at the end of the season, which could also be dealing with Hoopa.

With the light festival also celebrates the pocket monster Dedenne his debut in Pokémon Go. The electric and fairy Pokémon comes from the Kalos region and is on the road to the event. Through the wilderness, because there are Pikachu, Magnetilo, Schneckmag and Flurmel more frequently than usual. From Magnetilo and Electrike are also the Shiny variants. With happiness, she meets the flampion (also as a shiny) as well as light. As a reward for the conclusion of field research, for example, Vulpix, Magmar and Lehoo are opposite. Dedenne also appears here.

To the RAID struggles there is also news for the light festival at Pokémon Go: Kobalium, Terracium and Viridium appear with the exclusive attack Sanctologen in the group skirmishers. At Level 1, GLUMANDA, VULPIX and LAMPI are traveling, on stage 3, Alola Raichu and Blubella are waiting for you. In the RAID struggles of stage 5, Kobalium, Terracium and Viridium (each as a Shiny) are available. In the mega raids, you are approaching mega-voltenso (also as a shiny).

Festival of Lights Event Details with India Exclusive Event in Pokemon GO

For example, Alola-Kleinstein, Vulpix, Magby and Knospi slip out of 7-kilometer eggs. Look at the event in the shop past to get a special shirt to the light festival. In addition, clothes in Dedenne style waits for you. Special Dedenne stickers will receive your pokéstops or gifts. From the 9th of November, Team Go Rocket drives his misconduct in Pokémon Go – the members appear significantly more frequently in Pokéstops and in Balloons. You can use a loading TM so that a Crypto-Pokémon forgets the loading attack frustration. There is still harder…, the developers cancel in a current blog entry. More details are likely to follow in the coming days.

From David Martin
04.11.2021 at 09:35