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Mental ill Bielefeld celebrate premier victory

Julien Kramer is a comedian and French artistic director. Specialized in dubbing, he lent his voice in Lou Ruby Phillips in his debut yet likewise to Jamie Foxx, Clive Owen, Jackie Earle Haley and also Cuba Guiding Jr. he is likewise the voice of Bruce Maccabees in the flick of animation Mutafukaz or that of Jordi Chin in the Watch Canine video games. Dialogues, he supervised as artistic director the dubbing of greater than a hundred movies as well as television series consisting of Automobiles, Transformers, Hunk, King Kong or Goodbye Banana. He parallel played at the theater and also on TV, under the direction of Robert Hossein, André Lambert, Selim Iker, as well as is the author of before when I was black, among the One-Man-shows of the actor Mouse Drought. He is the father of Charlotte Cornea, also actress.

Increased Bielefeld s coach Frank Kramer expressed his colleagues, the congratulations were numerous. A week earlier fans were loud demanded the outward throw of the 49-year-old, now Kramer has justified the loyalty of the club officers (for the time being) with his team.

The 1-0 at the weak VfB Stuttgart should help to improve the mood. Until the eleventh match day, Armenia Bielefeld had to wait for the first season in the football Bundesliga. The relief in the relegation battle was accordingly large.

It was a madness AMGE, we are marching like the mental health, Kramer praised: I am delightful for all involved. His words suggest that he was also for the club officers who had been grateful for the proof of confidence. Managing Director Samir Arab had been demonstrative before the worries-duel behind him and declared a coach discussion regardless of the result for finished.

The louder explanatory criticism from the outside is not just so abandoned on him, Kramer had admitted before the kick-off on Saturday. The SIGLOST series have a bit of burdened coaches and team a bit, said striker Fabian Los following: I have been here for a long time, I can deal with the pressure, which may not be so easy for a few other guys, said the 33 -Year-old at SKY.

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Five points thanks to five draws — more was not jumped out on the first ten match days. The pressure was great before the appearance in Stuttgart. In the worst case, a competitor in the relegation battle could disappear to eight points. Nevertheless, the club had continued on Kramer, who had replaced We Bauhaus in March. Now the Armenia is continued penultimate, but has pushed themselves up to two points to the CFB and pulled the swab deep into the relegation battle.

deserved victory against decimated CFB

Transcending Mental Illness Through Art and Storytelling

With passion and Heart (Kramer), the eleven was earned victory against one injury, but injury created CFB. The review of the previously last appearance in Stuttgart had taken care of for a nice memory. In the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the Armenia had made the league with a 2-0 on the last match day of the preseason. It had been the last Bundesliga victory until Saturday.

What the success now applies? These will show the next few weeks, appreciated Los: For the first, it s a great relief, he said. I do not want to push on the euphoriebremse now, but it s still air up. We know how hard it is to hold the class. That was the first step.

Because of course, even with the enormously replacement weakened and in the offensive, inaccessible insensitive Stuttgarten did not work far not everything. The leadership hit by Malaya Tokugawa (19 minutes) in the first half was surprisingly liked and gave the Bielefeld more security. But it showed again, why no first division has shot fewer goals. The final weakness is a problem.

In the second half, the Armenia could have saved nerves. Andrés Andrade met the post, Amos Piper and Janna Serra failed on the latte. I told our co-coach: That s Bielefeld, Los said. On the day of the first win of the season, the club was able to accept this with a smile.