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LOL Who are the Firelights that appear in Arcane An interesting theory discovers his leader

Arcane has become one of the largest sources of knowledge about the story of League of Legends and its characters. However, it has also generated many questions in the community. The ignorance of the LORE, the expansion of elements present in it and the added novelties generate certain bewilderment among the players. One of the most usual, the so-called Firefights are played, a rebel group that does not serve either of the two large cities whose identities and motivation are still a mystery (from now on, there will be spoilers about the Series until the end of episode 6).

Community theory about Arcane Firefights

The first time we see the Firefights appear on the screen is at the beginning of episode four trying to prevent supplies from coming to Plover. However, shortly after we find that this band either entered the plans or has support among the elites of the city. A striking situation that makes us see that they are going on their own as if they were a group with their own interests or, rather, a vision of the different world.

For sure, we know that it is a hierarchical group that has a leader that issues orders. Beyond what we see on the screen and what happens in the dialogues, this is expressed in the subtitles of the original version. These include limitations on which character speaks at every moment and refer to him as firefights leader, something that translated means The leader of the Firefights (the name of the band has not been located).

Several members of the community have theorized who would be the founder of this band to reach the conclusion both by the available tracks and to rule out other possibilities, that only one candidate remains. It would be about Echo, one of the characters of League of Legends that was not announced as an official part of the series. However, he let himself be seen in the first three episodes as the companion of the band of the lower city formed by Powder and company.

The Hidden Details Of Arcane - Act 1

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Why would Echo be the leader of the Firefights?

There are several reasons why this League of Legends champion is the suitable candidate to lead the Firefights. On the one hand, the character had a very important role during the start of the series and then disappear in this second block of episodes. A decision that does not fit by structure of script since, of not being useful or not to be EK KO, the fate of it would have been sealed at the end of the third chapter.

The tests however go much further. While all the members of the band use edge weapons to end their enemies or hurt them, their leader is the only one who uses a blunt and blunt object (in League of Legends Echo uses a kind of sorry). It is also he who decides to save Vi and Caitlyn in the last moments of chapter six when his companions were simply going to end them, probably being the only one who knows his story.

The final track is in the credits, since if we do not press the trailer display button of the ARCANE final block, we will find that the voice actor who plays the Firefights leader in the series is the same as life to Echo in League of Legends. Perhaps a carelessness of Riot Games or a declaration of intent: we may have moderately clear who he is, but nor by some we can imagine how he will solve the situation… if he does.