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STEAM early access for experimental RPG SAD RPG that takes place in society anxiety

Developer EVIL Indie Games has launched STEAM early access in experimental indie RPG SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game with the theme of social unrest.

In this work, we will fight with an uneasy monster that exists in the city, on the world of colorful and strange Viper Wave. This game is expecting the floating side of the social anxiety disorder (Social Anxiety Disorder) and expresses it by subjective and impressive depiction and view based on the actual experience.

A first-person perspective

Contemporary setting

Skill development

Nonlinear Story Development

Open World Quest

Turn-based tactical anti-anxiety combat

Unique graphic

Unique Soundtrack

About social anxiety disorder

Educational element

SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game - Q4 2021 STEAM TRAILER

SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game is delivered in normal price 820 yen (10% off until November 19) for Windows. Early access is performed for at least 5 months, and new content is added based on community feedback. In addition, if you have severe anxiety and actually diagnosed anxiety disorder, it is urged to be careful. Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Mouse Wired G403H
~ ~ ¥6,802 ~ → ¥4,980



Racer Basilisk X Hyperspace ​​Gaming Mouse
~ ~ ¥5,480 ~ → ¥4,980