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Twitch App arrived at Nintendo Switch

We still have the application of Netflix in the Nintendo Switch, but now we are a step closer because Twitch has just launched at SHOP of this console. Four years after its original launch, the switch finally received this application that provides access to certain functions of twitch from the comfort of this hybrid platform.

OMG! Twitch is on Switch! - App Tour

The application only requires 31 MB for download, and it seems that it is not possible to use the chat, or see it, unless you are actually watching the transmission. Sadly, it is also not possible to make direct from the switch, so the only options you have available at the time of seeing a direct are pause, hide the interface, or close the stream.

There is an option to connect your account to your mobile phone, so that this way you can use your cell phone keyboard to write on the chat. The quality of the streams looks decent, although depending on your Internet connection, the application of twitch adjusts the quality, but it is also possible for you to adjust manually.

Editor s note: Although it is not possible to make direct from this application, at least one step in the correct address. There are still a lot of applications that should be on switch, but for strange reasons are not. Hopefully, the arrival of Twitch to the console will open the door to the rest of the applications such as Spotify, Netflix and more.