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Vanguard Sledgehammer Games of the news on Ricochet antitrampas system

Sledgehammer Games is an American growth studio for computer games. The workshop was started in 2009 by Glen Schofield and also Michael Contra, who had actually formerly dealt with Natural Games and, to name a few things, were accountable for the growth of the Dead Area series.

Within a few weeks, and more specifically on December 2, Call of Duty: Vanguard will host your first season. However, this will not be the only novelty for the title of Sledgehammer Games and that will also welcome your new anti-trap system called Ricochet, and this permanently. For the occasion, the study has decided to take stock of the updates made in your system, but also recalled that the cheats were not welcome.

Ricochet gives some novelties

Even if the system is in its beginnings, anti-traps security measures are already implemented in Vanguard, including accounting prohibitions and exploit resolution related to XP victory rates and unlocking rates.

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We also learned, according to a report published on the official blog of Call of Duty, which has produced a change in the policy of application of security, and that coordination between Sledgehammer Games and Team ricochet It is more important than ever in these first steps.

On the other hand, as the publication points out, the reports of players are always essential when it comes to security, and it is important that they emit them when they face trap behaviors. By doing this, players help studies identify and / or confirm cheating, collect information about trap behaviors and, ultimately, simply reinforce security.

According to Team ricochet, the first step of its new initiative is O-do things as frightening as possible for cheats. Finally, this application process will also affect your Battle Royale, War zone that as of December, with other things as much more frequent prohibitions that block access to the game at cheats but also to account resellers. Subsequently, Ricochet will be implemented in the ancient license games, but also in those who will come.