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Back 4 Blood Developers admit that the zombie

Some of you certainly have to experience it already: the zombie shooter back 4 Blood (from 43.99 € at buy) is at the higher levels sometimes almost unfair to master. This applies to both solo players and coop groups. Although the developers of Turtle Rock Studios have already published a patch to mitigate the problem. But the team is now aware that there are further readjustments.

During a recently organized stream, the team admitted that Back 4 Blood in the current form is much more difficult than intentions. The Ridden Fix did not dress to bring the balance back into the track. Therefore, there will soon give another patch. We had thought that the current fix for the specials that your spawn cards have often duplicated would get the increased difficulty in control… We were a bit premature. During the process we have another big trigger for Unintentional increased level of difficulty found. We actively work on a solution. It has not been revealed by Turtle Rock Studios so far when exactly with the corresponding patch for back 4 Blood is expected.

Back 4 Blood is published on October 12, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (also as part of the Xbox Game Pass). You can find the Rock test for the action game here.

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