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Back 4 Blood much more difficult than expected according to developers

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It turns out that Back 4 Blood still needs some adjustments and corrections. The players always cite that there are too many special infected that appear on the map and the difficulty of the game is a little too high. Turtle Rock Studio, developers behind Back 4 Blood, admitted that the game was much more difficult than expected.

Turtle Rock, during a stream this week, admitted various problems still present in the game. While the studio tried to solve the special reproductive problem infected with IA reproduction cards in a patch earlier this month -I, something else is still at the origin of the high reproduction rate. Fortunately, it seems that they have identified the cause, and they work to repair it. We are actively working on a solution. Turtle Rock said in a summary Reddit after the stream. We will succeed and continue to create a game that improves over time.

This includes the resolution of another problem that has made the game much more difficult in a recent server-side hotfix, which will soon be in the full update will soon correct for offline solo missions. It was the mechanism called traumatic damage. Unlike some games, where healing can be done once and forgotten, the damage caused by trauma in Back 4 Blood guarantee that these damages accumulate with time. Not only that, but it was supposed to make healing much more difficult. Turtle Rock admits that the damage caused by trauma have been settled far too high, at all levels of difficulty of the game. No wonder the players complain.

This does not mean that Back 4 Blood is a terrible game. Far from there. If anything, it could be said that Back 4 Blood has growth problems, as is the case with a new game. On the contrary, it s good that Turtle Rock Studios listened to his audience and does his best to solve the problems that occur.

Turtle Rock's *RESPONSE* to November Patch Concerns ???? Back 4 Blood Developers Listening to the Fans.

Back 4 Blood is currently available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Back 4 Blood is also on sale in the Xbox X series.

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