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Totw 9 FIFA 22 with Mbapp Kane and Emiliano Mart nez now available

FIFA 22 hFIFA shared the ninth team of the week. The well-known Tow selects the best players from the lFIFAt day in the leagues licensed in the game. Players are already available FIFA part of the opening of envelopes for a limited time or through the transferable market.

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Equipment of week 9, the most outstanding

Only one player from Align Santander sneaks at eleven starters. Bard hi, the lift mediocentro, increFIFAes the average of him up to 82 points. If you look at the rest we have to put your eyes about Mbappé. The Frenchman is the player with a greater valuation of the team, with 92 points. The rhythm of it and 93 rhythm of him confer unique skills. He is from the best front leaders. He follows Kane, with 91 points, and Emiliano Martínez, with 86.

Below we leave you with the full list.


FIFA 22 Prédictions Team Of The Week 9 Mbappe , Lewandowski , Kane ( PS5 )
PT: Emiliano Martínez, 86, FIFAton Villa
CT: Evans, 83, Leicester
Li: Maëlle, 81, Bergamo Calico
LD: Trimmed, 81, Union Berlin
MD: Hoffmann, 84, Borussia Mönchengladbach
MC: Bard hi, 82, Levant
MC: Rambo Anguish, 81, Naples
MCO: Shapiro, 82, Olympic de Lyon
DC: Mbappé, 92, Paris Saint-Germain
DC: Kane, 91, Tottenham Hotspur

Substitutes and Reservations

PT: Ryan, 81
CT: EmphFIFAis, 78
MC: Mustachio, 81
MCO: Doubt, 81
DC: Wilma, 84
SD: Szoboszlai, 81
EI: Cornet, 81
Li: Bantu, 78
MC: LOD, 79
DC: Sahara, 79
DC: Rodrigues, 79
EI: Twine, 75