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Marcel von Walsleben

Marcel von Walsleben-Schied is a green pirate, storms from 1 January 2022 for the MTV Pam pow, which is currently in the Oberlin Nofv-Nord in place 15th place. A top transfer for the MTV, already alone due to the professional experience of new entry: Four Bundesliga games for Hans Rostock are the cherry on a pie that contains a delicate lining with 178 second and 99 third-ligament games.

Almost a difference from Walsleben-Schieds words just under a year ago: at his farewell to the Hamburg Oberligisten SV Curslack-Neuengamme, in which he was under contract in the second half of 2020, he said, The decision was not easy for me, but Compatibility between family, work and football is no longer given to me. The effort was too big at that time, for a few possible games in the spring — which there was no longer due to Corona — again on an acceptable fitness level.

The fitness is right

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But the desire, the tingling in the body, it was stronger than any yearning for rest and physical relaxation. Im looking forward to this task, because I have noticed that Im still physically top, and Im just looking on football. With the people of the MTV I came to a denominator pretty quickly, says the 38-year-old in one Message of his new club. Fitness, which he brings with the Westmecklenburg Landesligist Hanover SV, where he had held himself the past few weeks. Actually for the reserve and the old gentlemen planned, ran from Walsleben-Arried on 6 November also in the national league team.

HIGHLIGHTS | Greifswalder FC - MSV Pampow | NOFV-Oberliga Nord, 6. Spieltag, Saison 2021/2022
His new coach Ronny Steamer can be happy, and he also does: With his experience, he can and will be able to guide the team. He is one who marches forward, even if it is not that way, we need it. And that he can shoot goals in the last four years at the Tus Dusseldorf (between 2016 and July 2020; d. Red.) Proved.