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Ogame opened a new Polish universe yesterday

And who wants a browser, cosmic MMO with an amazing climate and a large community of Poles?

The cult game opened a new Polish universe Cetus yesterday (Universes are called game servers) acting on accelerated… very accelerated principles.

Practically all activities in the game will be performed several times faster, which will limit Grind, and by the way you will save your time.

Speed ​​of economics 7x (Production of raw materials, construction of buildings, shipyards)
Trial speed 14x
Speed ​​of room fleet 8x
War FLOT 2x
Speed ​​Defensive Fleets 4x
80% scrap from destroyed ships will hit the field of destruction
Burning Dexter 0.8
7 galaxies
+30 fields

Conflict begins (Nov 20,2021) Thousands of Russian Soldiers Start Shooting at Ukraine Border

You play here.

Of course, Game no longer has such a position on the market as much 10 years ago, but you can still meet a lot of our countrymen who for various reasons (nostalgia, playability, climate, accelerator, etc.) are still logging on ~~ Servers ~~ Universe.