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Jean Pierre Richter stays the Tus Dassendorf

Since 12.02.2019 the coach of the Tus Assort Jean-Pierre Jonny judge — and this fact will not change as fast as the Hamburg Oberligist reports on Tuesday via Facebook. A few days ago, the 34-year-old has extended his contract ending at the end of the season for the coming season. Sporting reasons For a change, the currently sovereign leader in Season 1 and serial master of the Oberlin Hamburg anyway not: in 56 league games under Richters Aside lost only four games. His point cut: 2.54 meters.

Franz Xaver Richter (1709 - 1789). Leçons Des Ténèbres

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We are very pleased that together with Jonny we continue our successful path. We all know exactly what we have together. A non-extension was not for the disposition for us, says TuS-Sportschef Jan Schönteich. Weve gained great success, games and titles, judge is quoted in the message, I have everything I imagine as a coach here. The challenge is to continue to complement us in a purposeful and developed continuously.