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Xbox Insider filters a new halo game before the release of Halo Infinite

According to a new report, 343 Industries is working on a new aureole game derived and will do it along with the support HALO INFINITE. Unfortunately, this is all that the report discloses. The new information about the future of aureole comes on the way of the outstanding informant of Xbox and Filter Jet Borden, who shared the information during a recent episode of the Xbox Two.

What is this aureole the game is, Borden does not say. It does not seem to be the next main delivery of the first-person science fiction shooting series, which means that many halo fanatics are speculating that it will be. Halo Wars 3, and this is possible, but that would probably mean that 343 Industries would be a joint developer in the project as it was with Halo Wars 2, a game he did along with Creative Assembly. Halo Wars 3 Especially would make sense given the connection between the Halo Infinite campaign and the Halo Wars 2 campaign.

Interestingly, if this is true, it poses questions about the future of HALO INFINITE. If 343 Industries is going to maintain the promise it made with Halo Infinite and if you are going to compete with other titans in space, you will need a great team to support it, not just a part of 343 industries.

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That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt, as it is information about the unofficial variety and is also subject to change. However, the source in question is quite reliable and, of course, a new aureole the game of 343 industries is inevitable.

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