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Activision Blizzard continues its fall in stock 25 has collapsed in the last month

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The problems continue to call the Activision Blizzard door. The company has severely stained its image after uncovering several cases of sexual abuse in your work, something that your CEO Bobby Kick was completely aware. This has derived in all kinds of reactions, being especially outstanding the request of hundreds of employees by the resignation of Kick, but it was a matter of time that the company will notice consequences in its performance in stock.

The Bag Fall could also have occurred, in part, by delays in games Throughout the month, Activision Blizzard shares have fallen by 25%, something that is attributed to all the controversy in The one that looks wrapped right now. In recent days, the company has seen collapsed in a stock market little by little, with important drops that augur the current panorama. After all, the situation has created an expansive wave in social networks so powerful that almost the entire community is aware.

Apart from this, it should be noted that deliveries related to deliveries also affect the actions of a video game company, so the delay of Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 at the beginning of the month has not helped Activision Blizzard. In this sense, both facts seem to relate, since the company ensures that the alteration of dates is due to the demands for harassment have required changes in personnel.

Be that as it may, Activision Blizzard faces an unprecedented crisis. Although there are shareholders who claim the march of Bobby Kick and other executives, the CEO continues to cling to the position of it while the company promises new measures. Now, with the fall in stock, the problem reaches a new economic dimension, so it is likely that we see more changes over the next few weeks.