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Biathlon Sprint of the men in stersund now in the live ticker

The competitions of Öresund go in the second day. Here you can follow the 10-kilometer sprint of the gentlemen in the live ticker.

After the single race yesterday afternoon, the shrinkage race is directly at today. Whether for the German athletes today is a better result in it, you will learn here in the live ticker.

Rank | Name | Time | failure

1 | Sebastian Samuelson (SE) | 22: 33.50 | 0
2 | Title Shasta Christian sen (NO) | +0: ​​11.80 | 0
3 | Johannes Thingies BO (No) | +0: ​​12.20 | 0
4 | Emilie Jacqueline (FR) | +0: ​​23.30 | 1

5 | Simon Restroom | +0: ​​23.80 | 0
6 | Philipp Na wrath (DE) | +0: ​​27.50 | 0

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Biathlon: Sprint of the men in Öresund now in the live ticker

Oberhausen shouts the good result | Magnus Oberhausen had the opportunity to a good result in the sprint. But the Austrian now gives away. When shooting, it can be two slices right now and must be in the penalty. It goes off at 79 place in the last kilometers.

First shooting for Lesser | Erik Lesser comes to his first shooting and fulfills his task with five hits. At position 15 it goes to the second round at 17.9 seconds. Besides him, Justus Strew is still traveling from the DSV team. At 8.8 kilometers he fights for the World Cups. The shooting performance was true with ten hits, but he still lacks something.

Good start for Harte | class! So far, the team of the Swiss only Benjamin Weber could take a good result. Maybe but Niklas Harte can change something. After the first shooting is good 18.

Biathlon: Sprint of men in Öresund now in the Livestock — Swiss Partway starts promising

Oberhausen meets at the lying stop | For Magnus Oberhausen it is about to collect experiences in the World Cup in Öresund. The first shooting, he beats properly and goes back to the round with zero.

Andersen rescues top ten | Filip Field Andersen can not be big from his fall and still comes to the finish. Nevertheless, he annoys his fall animal and one or the other swimming place escapes his mouth.

Crash from Andersen! | Filip Field Andersen was also on the way to a perfect result, but then it bangs the young Norwegian in the departure as he slides on an ice plate. But he can cheer up again.

Stalker misses points | Sebastian Stalker is through and comes out with three mistakes as 45. In the finish. He will not take points today.

Lesser goes into the race | After Erik Lesser had to pause for health because of health, the German is back today and goes on the track as one of the last athletes.

Biathlon: Sprint of men in Öresund started in the Live tick Lesser

Christian sen New Second | At 9.6 kilometers, Title Shasta Christian sen had just behind Johannes Thingies BO, but at the last 400 meters he managed to turn the leaf to his favor and passes past the Landsman! Christian sen is the new second behind Samuelson.

Strew at the first shooting | Justus Strew is not worse. At his first shooting he meets all slices and meets his edition. Through the slow mileage, this means only 44 44, but if he brings that in the standing stop, it can at least hope for a good result in the top 30.

Taken in place seven | Divert Taken arrived at the finish and is committed to a perfect seventh place. What strong talents that Norway still behind the top stars has!

Stalker Changeless | Sebastian Stalker will have to let each other with a place behind the top 40 and thus outside the points. When shooting, he left a disk, with the second shooting then stopped a slice again.

Horn is through | Philipp Horn is in the finish and can also look forward to a good result. With a penalty he landed in front of Doll and Ever on the 13th place.

The last Austrian is launched | With Magnus Oberhausen, the last starter from the Austrian team has just walked to the route.

Biathlon: Sprint of men in Öresund now in the Live ticker — the last Austrian started

Claude fifth | Fabien Claude arrived at the finish and is committed to a good fifth place. He shares himself with Na wrath, who can still keep his place in the TPP TH.

Can Christian sen still attack? | Title Shasta Christian sen wants to mix here again! At the second shooting, he snaps his cartridges quickly, and it goes to the last round at 6.2 seconds.

Strew on the first round | Justus Strew returned yesterday from the best result for the German team. How does he deal with this success to today? It remains loose? We’ll see in the next few minutes.

Biathlon: sprint Men Öresund NOW LIVE Scores — Strew started

Taken again without errors | From Divert Taken we can hope still a lot to us this winter well. The young Norwegian is so far no nerves and also in the standing position, he meets five slices. In seventh, it comes to the final kilometers.

Weber is the target | Benjamin Weber has also been already behind him his ten kilometers, putting on a good tenth place. Even Roman Sees from the German team at the finish. After three penalties but it will be a result beyond the Top 30th

Claude missing | Fabien Claude coming through 8.8 kilometers, will have nothing to do with the platform. He must bite and loses steadily to the top.

Horn works its way | It really works, Philip Horn will tell. After he had stopped a disc in the prone position, it makes it a lot better now and can work their way again with five goals. In Tomato from Austria, however, a shot again next.

The Youngster strikes again | If the Norwegians can excel after half of his race, the Youngster Taken again. After 5.1 kilometers, it is sixth with zero errors.

Eberhard on the track | Behind Julian Eberhard are difficult years and the season opener 2021/22 did not go certainly to the wishes of the Austrian. Does it run over the short distance with two bouts of shooting better?

Claude shoots himself out | Fabien Claude was before the last shooting up close and Samuelson, but then stopped a disc, and it goes with 13.8 seconds on the last lap.

Weber surpasses anything again! | class! Benjamin Weber may take all discs again and goes to tenth place in the final round. He probably can finally check off the individual from yesterday. The winner of the function SINGLE, Stella Hold Agreed, is likely to be unhappy, meanwhile today. With an error in the second shooting he has no more opportunities to top positions.

Can Burkhart increase? | Josh Burkhart played six errors in the individual does not matter, and it must today increase enormously if he wants to continue to be advisable for the team.

Horn starts with errors | Philip Horn can not just do impress the coaches at the first shooting and with an error it is for him at once while lying attack in the penalty loop. For him, yes it comes to secure a spot for next week, because then Kuhn is joining the team. Gyros must also Austria Tomato. He also missed one target.

Squall loses | Johannes Thingies squall came through at 9.6 kilometers, and it seems that he would have nothing to do with the victory. His gap has widened to 10.9 seconds!

Jacqueline remains behind | Emilie Jacqueline is also among the defeated. 23.2 seconds behind he crosses the finish line. Doll has since been handed back to fifth place. Ever is the best Austrian sixth.

Samuelson outstanding! | Sebastian Samuelson overtaken in the final meters again everything out of his body and dives across the finish line. Whopping 53.4 seconds, it is present Login, and it seems as if John Thingies gust as can not manage to run well.

Weber starts with five goals | Benjamin Weber meets the mandatory task and remain healthy during his Lying shock. A performance that earns him the 16th place after the first shooting.

Na wrath rehabilitated! | Yesterday he experienced a day to forget, today it runs quite different with Philip Na wrath! As he is with his lying also reflected in the standing position perfect about it and goes to five hits as the third in the intermediate ranking back on the trail. Sees was in the meantime the first shooting, and sat there also five hits.

The first starters are in the target | The first starters have now arrived at the finish. FAK lead with 6.6 seconds ahead of Doll and Later. By four of the 117 starters.

Biathlon: sprint Men Öresund NOW LIVE Scores — The first runners arrived at the finish

Also the younger brother cleans up | And Johannes Thingies squall sweeps the board at the shooting range. He was in the standing position, take all the discs and will go 5.1 seconds back to Samuelson on the last kilometers.

Tanja BO delivers | Tanja BO fulfilled its task and delivers the first shooting. With five goals he is once there.

Samuelson sets the latte up! | Sebastian Samuelson puts the latte for the competition powerful! The Swede does not allow feathers for his standing stop and again meets all five slices. With a full advantage of 38.5 seconds, he starts the last round. One of his competitors, Jacqueline, can not go along there and leaves a disc.

IBU World Cup Biathlon - Men 10km Sprint Competition - ÖSTERSUND (SWE) 28.11.2021

WEBER The first Swiss | with start number 40 goes with Benjamin way the first starter. The team experienced a more than mixed prelude yesterday, so in any case is in any case.

Ever also meets in the standing stop | Simon Ever also meets in the striking stop and can work like this. He is about the last round of his race as currently. Sure, it’s still early in the race and through his weaker running form he will not be able to hold that either. A good result is in tangible proximity.

Na wrath at the first shooting | Philipp Na wrath goes away with a good series from the shooting range. No sliding stopped, and he goes to five place in the next round. Meanwhile, the third DSV biathlete has opened up at the start.

Doll and Later must turn | Benedict Doll and Felix Later were already shooting with their finals. In the standing stop But both must first circulate and then lose the connection to FAK. He came twice without mistakes.

Language launched | Stella Hold Agreed starts as the next pot favorite in the race over the ten kilometers. Does the Norwegian add the next win-win today to his statistics? For a long time it will not last until the next DSV biathlete starts with Roman Sees.

Biathlon: Sprint of men in Öresund now in the Live ticker — the winner — Agreed — started

Johannes Thingies BO brings the zero | Johannes Thingies BO wants to play a role here today! The Norwegian brings the first shoot the zero and takes place two in the intermediate rank. So far, 13 out of 18 athletes have been faultless during the first shooting.

Doll takes over top | also Benedict Doll Taut on the plug now up and raises his pace. After 5.4 kilometers he passes FAK and is the new leader.

Later turns on | After Later went his first round still in a quieter pace, the Austrian turns up now and works on FAK.

Samuelson meets everything | Sebastian Samuelson comes with a strong runtime to the lying stop. How can he present himself there? Orderly. A shot is just in the finish, yet he will clearly take over the lead at 13.4 seconds.

Begin takes over the lead | His Landsman Begin was already shooting at his first and also meets all the slices there. With 4.5 second lead, he takes over the lead at this point. The zero also existed by Simon Ever. Only two starters have allowed them to stand at all. A fault-free shooting seems to be enormous today!

Samuelson makes steam | Samuelson is going to be racing but really fast. At the first meantime, the Swede has 8.6 second lead to the first competitor. Whether this is not right at the shooting range?

Five hits for doll | FAK and Later have remained without error, can Benedict Doll? He can! Quietly he puts his five cartridges into the finish. With 3.4 seconds behind it goes to the trail again.

Na wrath started | Philipp Na wrath is the next German starter on the ten kilometers. After a disappointing single and seven errors, the sticking point is certainly the shooting range today.

Also Later meets | Felix Later also starts really well! He leaves a lot of time in lying, but hits all the slices and stops in the race.

Johannes Thingies BO lays off | Yesterday John Thingies BO belonged to the beaten athletes despite five place. The Norwegian left too much on the shooting range and was not the outstanding runner either. So his older brother had dragged him despite two mistakes. Famously was already at the lying stop and goes back to the track with five hits.

First intermediate times | FAK and Later have already made the first 2.1 kilometers. 4:34 minutes had needed FAK for that. Later is 5.4 seconds. Does the Austrian start race today?

Can Go conjure up again? | With yesterday, the Canadian Scott Go secured a really strong result. Can he mix at the front again today or is it missing for the sprint?

Ever on the road | Simon Ever also decided for an early starter group and is already on the way with start number six now.

Doll sets off | Also Benedict Doll must have been far from happy with his start to the winter yesterday. The German was a good start to the competition, but then came to a lot of mistakes even with him, and he was handed back. In the sprint, chances are likely to be greater.

Later on the tracks | With Felix Later, the first Austrian has already gone to the track. Yesterday was satisfied with his mileage Later, the shooting performance but had not quite fit. Let’s see if he gets together the better today.

Jakob FAK is the beginning! | The competition has started and Jakob FAK of Slovenia is the first rider who goes to the track. In front of him and all the other starters are ten kilometers with two bouts of shooting.

Biathlon: sprint Men Öresund today in Live Scores — Before the start

Before the start: Swiss-athletes must specify

A weak start to the season laid yesterday towards the athletes from Switzerland. From their ranks, no one was able to take a point in the first competition of the winter. The beginning for the team today makes Benjamin Weber, who will start as 40th. Sebastian Stalker (63) and Josh Burkhart (69) follow him. The conclusion is Niklas Harte with start number 107th

Before the start: Ever and Later lead to OSV athletes

The team of Austrians should Later led by Simon Ever and Felix again today. Both starters were able to deliver an optimal result in individual yesterday, when it applies today to work konzentrieret at the shooting range. Both go back this morning on the track. Later will address as a second starter his Sprint, Simon Ever begins with the sixth race number then before stating that hold the next OSV starter wait. David Tomato begins as the 50th sprint. Julian Eberhard and Magnus Oberhausen follow with starting number 80 and 99th

Before the start: DSV biathletes hope to increase

On increasing today hope the German biathletes. Of them could at the first race without Olympic champion And Gaffer only newcomer Justus Strew convince who could enter the good 13th place with an error. Next to him, Benedict Doll could only rank as 14 in the top 15 and half the book Olympic standard. Today, the team would have done better, certainly. An early start number has Benedict Doll, who will go today in fourth place in the race. Philipp Na wrath, who no chance yesterday was disappointing, and after seven errors had will go with starting number 20 in the sprint. Roman Sees carries the 37 on his jersey, Philip Horn, 51. Strew is also today go back late in the series and is known as the 88th in the sprint. With him, it will be interesting if he remained calm and a good result can shrink again. Erik Lesser has start number 113th

Before the start: The Usual Suspects

After yesterday’s single, it appears to look like would set the tone this season the usual Nations. In particular, the Norwegians left a lasting impression with six athletes in the top 6 and the French also need to be considered.

Before the start: Agreed wins in individual

The Norwegian Stella Hold Agreed was last year at the season opener in Kontiolahti yet the big surprise in the individual over the 20 kilometers. This season could also start with the victory Agreed. He took over after the first standing the lead and ran like last year to a comfortable victory. His teammate Tanja BO, who conceded two penalties, was 59.2 seconds back in second place. The Frenchman Simon Restroom, also with two penalties, completed the podium. A surprise man brought the Norwegians but still with: Divert Taken was a strong sixth.

Before the start: Compared to single races yesterday it can only go better today for the German runners: The best result went Justus Strew one, he finished 13th. Benedict Doll disappointed with the 31 rank.

Before the start: The starting gun in Öresund takes place at 13.45.

Before the start: welcome to the live ticker of the 10 km sprint race Hello and gentlemen.

Biathlon: sprint Men Öresund today in Live Scores — transmission in TV and Live Stream

Just like yesterday you can track back on free TV and free live stream also today’s sprint race of men.

Biathlon: sprint Men Öresund today in Live Scores — transmission in TV

Who wants to watch the race on TV that can do this either through the IDF ( sport studio live ) or private channels Eurosport1.

Biathlon: sprint Men Öresund today in Live Scores — Transmission streaming LIVE

In addition to transferring the TV, both channels also offer a LiveStream to the linear program. The IDF is available via this link. On the stream of EUROSPORT can DAZN customers without additional costs via website or app access. Complete now DAZN subscription.

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Biathlon: Sprint of the men in Öresund today in the Live ticker — the schedule of the World Cups in Sweden

Date | Time | Competition | Winner / winner

Sunday, 28th November | 11.00 clock | Ladies Sprint 7.5 kilometers | Market David ova
Sunday, 28th November | 13.45 Men’s sprint 10 kilometers | Stella Hold Agreed
Thursday, December 2nd | 13.45 Ladies Sprint 7.5 kilometers |
Thursday, December 2nd | 4.30 pm | Men’s sprint 10 kilometers |
Saturday, December 4th | 13.00 pm | Women’s persecution 10 kilometers |
Saturday, December 4th | 15.10 Men’s Season 4 x 7.5 kilometers |
Sunday, December 5 | 12.35 Ladies Season 4 x 6 kilometers |
Sunday, December 5 | 15.15 Men’s persecution 12.5 kilometers