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BVB vs FC Bayern without fans Politician against full football stages

A few days before the Bundesliga summit Dortmund vs. Bayern grows the corona pressure on professional football more and more.

While the old and the new government amid the dramatic fourth pandemic wave over all sorts of issues in the fight against arguing, a fact now seems consensus: scenes like on Saturday in Cologne, where 50,000 fans celebrated largely without a mask and without any distance, should during the next hard winter corona not repeat themselves.

It is also about the signal effect

Even though I am football fan: In the sizes in which the stadiums are now occupied, does it not, said FDP leader Christian Lindner in the ARD. The current patchwork in Germany’s top soccer class ranges from ghost games in Saxony up to full capacity in the West.

Not only with a view to a possible distortion of competition, this is seen more and more critical. It is next to the for weeks increasing risk of infection despite all protective measures such as vaccinations or additional tests also the signaling effect: In all areas of life measures are exacerbated or made restrictions only in football are events with tens of thousands of people every weekend normal.

DFL: Football is not Pandemitreiber

The line of argument of the club is clear and also refers to studies by the German Football League (DFL), which, however, were carried out at a much earlier point in time at lower incidences: Football is not a pandemic driver, does not increase the risk of infection in the fresh air clear. But it is also about arrival, departure, stadium admission and rides from away fans across Germany. Here, the DFL could start most likely to meet the policy. From the perspective of Stuttgart’s Thomas Hitzlsperger club boss would thwart the vaccination campaign if vaccinated and convalescent not allowed into the stadium.

CFB threatening but just this financially dramatic (Hitzlsperger) scenario. Saxony (no audience) and Bavaria (a quarter of the fans after 2G-plus rule) and Baden-Württemberg will adapt its regulations for summit Dortmunds events. On Monday and Tuesday should consider further tightening corona. But it is clear that ghosts games come in professional football, said government spokesman Are Brown DPA. Other countries are likely to follow. That the classic BVB against Bavaria as planned before 67,500 fans increases, may also be strongly doubted.

Sober calls football games without spectators

In the top policy prevails quasi via step unity. In addition, Lindner also Markus Söder (CSU), Karl Auerbach (SPD) and Katrin Goering-Eckardt (Greens) made it hard to reduce the number of audience or change after the spring and fall 2020 for a third time completely on empty ranks. Sober demanded via Twitter alongside a lockdown in hotspots and masks in all schools as football games without spectators. Anyone who has experienced Sober in the pandemic, knows that he will continue to press this demand.

Virologist Christian Roster of the Charité politics on IDF, recommended exactly to the areas to look, where already applied in acute extent these measures, for example, Austria, Saxony, Bavaria. There, major events are already canceled and one could to this small management — vaccinated versus unvaccinated — who can now attend an event focusing, described Roster. Where did that active and where to start so slow now to see effects.

Significantly fewer viewers than approved

It is striking that even viewers strong clubs like Bayern or Eintracht Frankfurt have problems filling the reduced quota is complete. Both in Munich and Frankfurt fewer viewers than approved were clearly on the weekend. This can have several reasons: In addition to the poor and wet cold weather there is always more obstacles, such as the necessary in Bavaria additional test as vaccinated or healed one. Although it has been handled in Cologne frivolous with the risk of infection, it could have played a role in other places.

Dortmund fans compared to Bayern Munich fans
The Profits whose acute financial worries are understandable, thereby squander the chance to be proactive. If Mainz 05’s spectator capacity voluntarily reduced from 30,000 to 27,000 people, is the absence of one of the other clubs pulse and also a well-meaning gesture. A real signal but it is not.