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New game starts Alpha 2022 says We want to be the most social MMORPG on the market

Galaxies of Eden is a new sandbox MMORPG with an SCIFI setting. The game promises many freedoms and especially many social features. Who wants, can even do without the fighting and prefer to devote yourself to the construction of a city.

What is this for a game? Galaxies of Eden wants to focus its focus on social interaction. Therefore, there are two different modes in the game:

The action mode in which the MMORPG should play like a third-person shooter
Social fashion in which the focus is on trade, housing and building own cities

The MMORPG completely renounces Loot in the form of equipment. You get from Mobs to booty in the form of crafting materials or general items, but for the equipment you need a craft of your trust that produces the items. Because also on a global auction house is omitted.

Another special feature is to build your own cities. Because in Galaxies of Eden there is only one NPC city. The rest can be built in the open world of players.

In the official idea of ​​the game it says: Although all MMORPGs are to some extent social games, we want to be the most social MMORPG on the market with Galaxies of Eden.

When will the game appear? The game is developed by the Canadian Indie Studio Cybernetics in the Unreal Engine 4. Currently, it is still in a pre-alpha. A first alpha should start 2022 in the second quarter.

An insight into the basic gameplay offers this first trailer:

The MMORPG offers classes that do not have to fight

What classes are there? Galaxies of Eden offers 3 different play styles that have their own focus, but still depend on each other:

The Adventurer is the fight class. She has many skills, doing dungeons and quests and collects crafting materials. As in a shooter you can save different loadouts, and should be able to play a healer.
The industrialist focuses on trading. He manufactures new equipment and weapons and can build a trading level in which players can sell their goods.
The artist in turn creates unique performances, can improve the skills of other players and take care of sales contracts. These purchase contracts need industries to complete a trade.

All play styles build on each other. The Adventurer brings materials for the industrialist and the artist, the industrialist takes care of crafting equipment and trade, the artist produces special performances like new dances, manufactures sales contracts for the industrialist and strengthens the adventure skills.

This dependency should remain permanent because the equipment is wearing over time and at some point is destroyed. Then you should have to resume the crater of your confidence to get good weapons again. The turn needs new contracts again and again.

In addition, the developers promise that a particularly well-keen industrialist of each equipment can engrave its own motto. In addition, new social specializations are planned, including the Musician and the Journalist.

Server wars and drama in the endgame

What does the endgame of the game look like? In the endgame, the MMORPG sets besides the construction of our own cities and the equipment loop on wars between the servers. It should be seasonal events.

Players can occur as diplomats in the galactic council of the server and explain a war. As rewards, emotes and cosmetic objects wave, with the best reward go to the victorious server. That should provide for drama.

For the PVP there will be an extra balance that should not affect the EVE.

What do you say about the concept of Galaxies of Eden? Does the system appeal or do you think it’s too fishing? And is the SCIFI setting something for you, or you would prefer such a game in a medieval or fantasy setting?

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