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We will have musical performance of Arcane at The Game Awards

The Game Awards has always had some kind of musical performance, and the 2021 event will not be the exception. Geoff Safe and his team have managed to convince sting to sing a song of arcane. For those who do not know, it is an acclaimed animated series for Netflix based on the immensely popular mob for PC, League of Legends.

12 ножей в спину The Game Awards 2021
The combination is not as bizarre as you could think, since Here below you can hear how it is while you prepare for your live version.

Remember that The Game Awards 2021 will be held next Thursday, December 9. Here you can take a look at the complete list of nominees.

Editor’s note: Lately, Riot Games has done an incredible work by expanding the IP of League of Legends not only different genres, but also to different means. Arcane is a clear example that, with the right equipment, video game adaptations may result in truly sensational. Hopefully you can continue with this momentum.