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Anno 1800 Colorful painting DLC with 69 building skins

The colorful paint DLC for Anna 1800 is shortly before the release: The publication is scheduled for the 14th of December. With the extension, the second Cosmetic DLC appears from a survey carried out in the spring under players. As a winner, in addition to the colorful painting DLC ​​(formerly lived cities), the pedestrian zone package emerged, which the developers have already published. With this new Cosmetic DLC, we add a few outstanding skins to Anna 1800, which make your cities of lively and colorful appear, as ever: three new skins for each building of each resident stage, says Ubisoft Mainz in a current entry on the Anna -Web side with.

Colorful Anna Cities

The colorful paint extension includes 69 Skins, which are each assigned to four different topics. For example, a colorful topic (inhibitors 1-5) awaits you, with which your city embellishes with pastel colors. Also, for level 1-5 the brick topic is available. This brings a rather classic look in your Anna 1800 city and reminiscent of buildings of American cities.

ANNO 1800 NEW DLC Building the BEST Amusement Park of the Industrial Revolution | City Building
For the inhabitant 1-3, in turn, the inverted theme, which is considered counterpart to the unique and new looks can, as the colorful topic. It uses the same materials and colors, but in reverse. This is how the color of the roof is reversed with the color of the walls. This brings more variety in your village.

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Screenshots from the colorful painting DLC ​​for Anna 1800 (1) [Source: Ubisoft]

More variety for the marketplace

For Level 4 and 5 there are the Casino themes in the DLC, which brings the residential buildings of Anna 1800 (now €23.99 / €53.99) with bright and colorful neon lights to light up. In addition, there are three alternative models for the marketplace that fit better to steps 1, 4 and 5. The original marketplace we have in the game is a great thing, but he did not work so well in the late game from a visual view, especially with the content of high life LCS, like the skyscrapers. With the new alternative marketplace models wanted We create new markets that fit every stage, from the farmers market to the urban market hall, the developers write. The package costs 4.99 euros (not included in the Season Pass). At the 14th. December also appears the Game Update 13, which holds a new game mode for Anna 1800.

From David Martin
03.12.2021 at 08:27