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WoW Patch 9 2 Was Arthas finally found Spoiler

The end of eternity the next big adventure in World of Warcraft: Patch 9.2. In Earth Morris, the fate of the Shadow lands and the future of Zeroth decide. In the new raid Mausoleum of the First we meet many new creatures, but also old friends. So it is up to us, Indoor Wynn, the enslaved king to free from the clutches of the jailer.

Oval is his new toy but not so fast. His trump card is the rune blade King Gram, which was forged from Variant Wynn weapon Souleymane. In this blade lies a mysterious Soul Shard, who gave up the WoW community for a long time mystery. Note: After the video follow spoiler !

The curse of the jailer

The Soul Shard, which was used for Gram king heard well Art has Menthol. Source: Blizzard The splitter, which the jailer let forge the sword Souleymane is, since patch 9.1 the focus of Lore discussions. No one really knew who sent this splitter. Whose soul is now stuck in Souleymane? In addition, there have been many fan theories. Some Lore fans typed on Variant Wynn or Nathans Blight caller.

Oval is a master of intrigue and at least for Nathans’ soul has the villain determined yet specific plans. For Souleymane but another soul was determined. Because what we know with certainty today that the fragments belonged to a soul that is in connection with Frostmourne.

In the secret chamber of the villain

The best proof of this is the secret chamber of the jailer. In patch 9.1 we visited said chamber in which the jailer kept the shard of his victims. Most fragments are from the Third War and to the dead of Rich King. We have discovered many soul shard as the Arch mage Androids or the legendary Blood Queen Another. However, a special splitter missing in Ovals collection — and the soul shard of Art has Menthol, the Frostmourne was the first mortal victim.

By Uther, we know that Art has landed in the throat after his death in Would. There we found him, however, nowhere. His soul so do not linger in the throat, and we have not discovered in the chamber of the jailer. This means that Art has’ soul is long gone. That part of Art has in Souleymane is caught, there is now solid evidence. The data miners are due to test server for patch discovered some interesting details 02.09, bring some light on this convoluted history.


Arthas in 9.2 & The Most Important Question of the Patch ANSWERED! Good News as the PTR Launches

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