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Valorant Runner the next agent begins to appear inside the game

Valorant Presumes version 3.12 with changes to systems and characters. But he also opened the doors that some people will investigate in the files of the game, letting some tracks related to the next game agent. This information is not a complete novelty, since fans know about the existence of Runner. The great novelty is that there are indications of your country of origin and possible relationship with the history of the game.

Runner appeared for the first time in July of this year, on the eve of the first round of CHAMBER files. Officially, there is no fact that can verify the role of it within Valorant, possible skills or design. The only thing available comes from the work of the Data Miners Floaty and Shtick, charged with collecting everything new inside the patch 3.12.

According to the new Chamber dialogs, Runner will be an agent with location in the Philippines. There were mentions of the capital of the country, who keep coherence with the coordinates available in a tweet of November 8. By entering the data in Google Maps, we headed towards Manila, giving rise to two results: a new map or the nationality of Runner. As if that were not enough, Brimstone may have to do with her last, as she is a veteran of K / SEC.

New Valorant Agent 19 Coming SOON!
As we realized, CHAMBER has a lot of information about Runner. This is because the Frenchman would have tried to contact her for the work of the Valorant protocol, but without success. Now that one of the two is already at work, maybe it is a matter of time before agent 19 reaches the game.

It is unlikely that Runner’s presentation point to a launch for the end of 2021. So it would be part of the 822 cast, with it itself to be obtained. Officially, the country of origin of it, role within the game and still unconfirmed. If something we can rescue the new dialogues of Chamber is that its badge of it would be the speed of it, planting face to the same Jet.