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Extreme cold survival The Long Dark New survival area and additional latest update delivery such as new survival areas Publisher to update 2022

The Long Dark is a first-person Open Globe Survival Adventure as well as was developed by Hinterland Studio.

Hinterland Studio has delivered the latest update Perilous Constraint of the freezing survival adventure The Long Dark. Patch notes and prospects for 2022 years of this work are also clarified.

Update adds the area Black Rock to Survival Mode. Black lock is a region where it was playable in Story mode, and there are places such as prison and caves. Also, the item noisemaker that could be used in story mode is available in survival mode, and newly equipped bulletproof vest is added for all modes. Besides that, Crampons can be repaired, etc. Changes to AOL improvement are also conducted.

Posting also published the prospects for 2022 in this work. As a major change, we plan to divide this work into two game titles Story Mode and Survival Mode. By dividing the game, it is possible to properly develop the content of each mode and enhance the update speed and content.

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In addition, it is announced that it is a plan to introduce some paid content in survival mode. Currently, Xbox Series X | S / PS5 is also scheduled for the formal next-generation response of this work that can be played backward compatible. It also establishes a forum for future official support for MOD and user-created content.

The Long Dark Latest Update Perilous Constraint is currently being delivered. In addition, the story mode fifth episode currently under development is clearly delivered for free delivery.