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Help ubisoft would like Splinter Cell to an Open World

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Could the next splinter Cell offer an open world as currently most other Ubisoft games? The project is still in a very early stage of development, but apparently tarpaulin Ubisoft re-revive the brand as Open World Game.

Like Assassin’s Creed — with more focus on Stealth

The last full-fledged Splinter Cell is now for eight years. In recent months, there were always evidence that Ubisoft wants to retrieve the Stealth series. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, who has already to play proper preliminary information as Battlefield and Call of Duty delivered, the company plans a brand-new approach for the Splinter Cell brand.

In a Twitter post, Henderson reports that the new Splinter Cell is still in an early stage of development and Ubisoft intend to press the Stealth game into its typical Open World formula. It should be as an Assassin’s Creed, but with a bigger focus on Stealth.

In addition, Henderson writes that Ubisoft wants to implement the open world so like Halo Infinite handles his Open World. That could look like that you can not travel a huge world from the beginning, but gradually unlocked new areas.

Is it in the direction of Metal Gear Solid 5?

Although Henderson calls no further information, but you can guess how the new splinter Cell could fail. Finally, another popular genre representative also dared to change to an open world. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, for the first time in turn, offers a large open world with extensive exploration and the stealth game typical of the series.

Fans are very many columns. The user OR A MP writes under Henderson’s Twitter Post: A splinter Cell with Open World could work, I think. A combination of MGS5 and the old beta version of Splinter Cell: Conviction. This was far from the final game and was similar to another Ubisoft Game at the time, which appeared later: Watch Dogs. (Source: Neo gamer)

The user @ rg3tcompany, however, writes: Why do all their games have to be Open World? Ghost Recon has not used the crap and Splinter Cell does not need him.

Comment by Panel Critic

Ubisoft possibly transforms the last linear game from your collection into an Open World Game. That does not taste! Because the strengths of a splinter Cell are for me among other fun and clever sophisticated hose levels with various creeps that want to be found. An open world does not exclude this, but it is filled with unnecessary travel from A to B, laborious side tasks and an elongated story. If Ubisoft had delivered convincing Open Worlds in recent years, I would possibly think differently.