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WoW Rextroys Klassen Raid vs Nathanos

After Rex troy in the recent past has been more concerned with bugs and exploits in Wow Shadow lands, he takes the fight between the classes in the latest video. Unlike in the past, he does not stop 40 deaths on 40 Palatine, but lets the class raids in the EVE compete to see who best beats.

The starting position is very simple. One raises a RAID consisting of eight players of a single class on the Ur version of Nathans Destroyer in Understand and see how long it takes for the last player of the raid of the dust. Because Nathans has few, but very deadly skills. He beats like a suggestion hammer, had a massage effect and also calls Adds, which also strike properly. But spoiler: Some teams have been able to defeat him anyway!

Nathanos-Raid-Challenge von Rextroy! Welcher Klassen-Raid dominiert? [World of Warcraft]

Storm wind equipment and no surgical skills

But because that would be a little too simple for most raids, after all, Nathans has just under 180k life points, had more restrictions. The first concerned the equipment. Nathans still laugh good. At the end of the class raids, however, he has actually won more often than lost. Source: Blizzard All teams started quasi naked in storm winds and had to buffer their armor. All that was allowed to be bought at the dealers in Storm wind and had a maximum of rarity.

In addition, some skills were prohibited — for example, heroism effects, combat reversals or consumables. Especially the first two would otherwise have been able to provide a massive imbalance. Last but not least, the fight area was specified so that the boss is not pulled across the half world.

Who is OP, and who has no chance?

In the following video you can see the entire challenge and find out which class beats like well. Spoiler: While some do not have the touch of a chance, others do the boss almost pass through and with great ease. Do you already know what class belongs to which category?

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If you do not want to look at the whole video, you can view the result list for the following spoiler image. In it, you will find all classes and how many percent of boss health they failed or how many players were still alive when Nathans could be defeated.
Attention, under the spoiler picture you will find the result of the class raids. Source: Rextroy

  1. Palatine (7 of 8 alive)
  2. witch champion (5 of 8 alive)
  3. Death Knight (3 of 8 alive)
  4. Druid (3 of 8 alive)
  5. Magicians (7 percent)
  6. Demon Hunter (11 percent)
  7. Hunter (15 percent)
  8. Shamans (18 percent)
  9. monks (20 percent)
  10. Rogue (20 percent)
  11. Warrior (47 percent)
  12. Priest (55 percent)


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