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Lol Ale s play during the All Star of LPL who has left all speechless

The League of Competitive Legends concluded with the final of the Worlds 2021 with EDGE as a champion for more than two months and with it the best plays of the year with the most outstanding players from all over the planet. While it is still just enough, even though it does not count for next year, it is not the same to see this type of play in a game of a server than a competitive party. Luckily, the LPL made its own all Star after the announcement of Riot Games to cancel his own for the happy pandemic and has left us several very exciting moments for what is left of the year.

Ale Disgusting 1V2 Outplay On Lpl All Stars
This time we will talk about a play that will remain for the memory of many; ALE, current To planer of LNG and now Doing’s partner After his confirmation very recently, he was playing the game of All Star in the top lane with Camille when, advanced the game, what you can see in the video above. During the split push, he saw that the bin fixed (the best champion of the world runner in 2020) and the Lulu de Meiko (current world champion with EDGE) were shot by Ale.

Pus well, the cold blood of the to planer caused him to devise a management of his passive along with the Q of him to be able to endure enough to not die of fixedness of fix and a cut with the main skill of him To do true damage. If we put this with the Life Gain of his W and the stunning of E Thanks to his enormous mobility, we will see how the two players are played in a greatly good play from Camille and who has caused the Scream of the English caster that was commenting on the game. You just have to see the disbelief of it to know that we are facing one of the best plates of all year.