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Ex professional Salvatore Gambino takes over the TuS Wiescherthofen

14 Games, a point, 11:59 Goals — The balance of Us Wieschenhofen is depressing. The club from the northeastern Ruhr area is exhausted a match day before the winter break at the last stage of the Bundesliga Westphalia and will be in the coming season — should not happen a sporty miracle — in the eight-class district league.

Jamal Rabbi is sporting director of Us. He himself no longer believes in a miracle, but probably because of a new man can prevent the crash of his team — at least beyond the season. Salvatore Gambino is the name of the new district of Wiescherhofen, the former professional, who completed for Dortmund 45 Bundesliga games (five goals), will take over as a trainer at a resident Us. The first mainly responsible coaching station at all for the 38-year-old, who previously wanted to collect experiences as co-trainer at Westphalia Rhymers and red-white.

Two years ago, he had already been put together with Gambino, explains RABBI, the contact has never been demolished since then: Now the possibility has aroused, and he has changed in this so difficult situation in this for us. He wants his first station as Use head coaches. Already this week, the native Wagener with Italian roots on the training place and next Friday at the last point game of the year against the VFL send on the sideline. We find it good if the players can speak directly with him and the first contact will not run over the phone, says Rabbi about the unusual time of the coach change. In addition, one effectively has only two weeks break until it goes back with the preparation for the restraint.

Only as a coach

The Gambinos - The First Family of Crime - 1997 - Anastasia, Gambino, Castellano, Gotti
Gambino, who last stood a league underneath the Königsborner SV in the squad, has announced his final career end only a few days ago, definitely no longer: It does not work healthy with him, says Rabbi. Gambino full concentration is now the work as a coach: So he wants to attack the B license at the beginning of the coming year. As a former professional he does not need the custom C-license.

That at a residue of 16 points on the saving shore the season has already run, this does not make any illusions at the Us Wiescherhofen: It’s clear for us what it’s all about the rebuilding for the next season. We want Salvatore a quicker Cadet available, says Rabbi. Thus, the new one should convince both players to keep the US faithful in the future despite the difficult situation, and also gain insights with whom he wants to work together in the future. That we do not hold the class is clear. He knows that too. But as a relegated, it is always the risk of being passed through, the sporting director about the need for action.

Why it looks so hopeless in this season for the team that kicks in the national league since 2017, the functionary can not quite understand: in places you could keep in the league games, but then checked a pack. Maybe it was the attitude, maybe the previous coach has not been able to fully retrieve the potential of the team. Maybe, so Rabbi, but the squad was just not good enough.