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Left 4 Dead Back 4 Blood Studio comprado por Tencent

The Video game Honors are an annual award ceremony that benefits solutions in the video game market. At the celebrations are also ideas of new titles and detailed want to see already revealed games. The shows are produced and also moderated by Geoff Kafka, that has functioned for over 10 years on its predecessor, the Spike Computer Game Honors.

Turtle Rock Studios, which is the developer behind left 4 dead, and more recently, Atlas 4 blood, has been acquired today by Tencent. The measure is a bit surprising, but continues to show that Chinese conglomerate, which also has control shares in companies such as Riot Games, Supercell, Epic Games and many more, continues to put a great emphasis on the game market.

Tencent and Turtle Rock collectively announced this new acquisition today through a new pressing that she throws some light on the movement. We are all anxious to unite the Tencent family of studies, said Turtle Rock president Steve Goldstein. The outstanding partners of Tencent, the global reach, the deep knowledge of the unprecedented games and support will help us create the types of ambitious games with which we dreamed, while allowing us to preserve our independent autonomy and spirit.

Eddie Chan, who is Tencent Games’ strategy director, added that this purchase will help reinforce the portfolio of games that the company already has. We are great admirers of Turtle Rock games, especially their incredible focus to create cooperative games online, said Chan. We can not wait to see what comes next, and we are excited to be part of their future.

Speaking more about that future, nor Turtle Rock or Tencent talked a lot about what could be happening in the coming years in the light of this acquisition. At this time, Turtle Rock Studios still updates Atlas 4 blood, which was launched earlier this year in October. It is expected that these updates continue until well into 2022 and will be launched along with numerous pieces of new LCS that are also ready to happen. In general, Tencent’s decision to buy Turtle Rock should not affect the future of Atlas 4 blood what.

What do you think that Tencent is appropriating Turtle Rock Studios as his last acquisition of games? Do you think it will be a good measure for both long-term companies? Notice me in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.