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GTA Online After 8 years ends a fantastic age

After 8 years, Rockstar Games drops the hammer and takes the GTA online servers for the PS3 and Xbox 360 from the network. This ends a legendary era for many players, even if the old console versions have not been supplied with new content updates for a long time. The fans revel to Reddit again in memories.

GTA Online: PS3 & Xbox 360 servers are history

For more than 8 years, GTA 5 has already been on the market — and the game continues to sell bread despite its high age. Not only that, in a few months, the revised version of the Open World Hits for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, whose first trailer came to the community anything but good.

The same applies to a step that Rock star had been announced for a long time: GTA’s servers on the PS3 and Xbox 360 went offline — and thus ended with a major chapter for many players, as a look at the official Subreddit shows :

In the comments, the GTA fans swap through their best experiences in the game, remember the good old times and the rumors who made the round shortly after the release of online mode.

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For example, some players believed that they are already getting access to the services when they buy one of the expensive apartments in the game. This mentioned Rockstar Games various times that the spectacular predators would first find their way into the game with a later update.

Other GTA online gamers report on how the servers were populated in the start-season of Spendable hackers, which the players supplied with tons of money as pleasure and mood.

After 8 years GTA 5, players are slow down to a successor. And that should look at the best case as follows:

GTA 6: When is the successor?

Although it has been bubbling in the GTA 6 rumor bed for years, there is no tangible information that has been confirmed by Rockstar Games so far.

An insider assumes that GTA 6 probably does not meet the requirements of the fans. And also Rock star veteran Jamie King would not be surprised if the next Open World Hit of Rock star loses something on bite.

We definitely press the thumb up that the release of GTA 6 expires significantly rounder than that of the Remastered version of the GTA-Trilogy — even if this date is still in far away.