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Limited time free Turn system strategy Mutant ear zero Road to Eden Distributed at EPIC Games Store

At the Epic Games Store, the Bearded Ladies Development Strategy Mutant Year Zero: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Free Distribution of Road To Eden is on December 24 It was started for a limited time until 1 o’clock.

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This game is a single play work with Swedish table talk RPG Mutant.

The player LEDs a team of mutants such as ducks and boars, etc. Aim for an ancient residence called Eden.

The game system is a composite specification of a turn-based battle and free movement real-time stealth element, and the position of each character that is advantageous for the enemy and the use of the surrounding environment are the key to the capture. The difficulty level is added to three types of normal hard berry, and if each dead is dead, the Iron Mutant setting up to that time can also be incorporated.

By performing the procedure of obtaining within the free distribution period, you can play unlimitedly.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Tomorrow’s free distribution title is continued to be open yet.