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Torchlight Infinite recruits its beta

If the License Torchlight is obviously associated with the Schaefer brothers (at Runic Games, then at home Extra acquired early in the year by Zynga ), it is now the developer now XD Games who hold it and intends to use it to design Torchlight Infinite.

TORCHLIGHT: Infinite resumes the traditional codes of the precedents of the license (action RPG mechanics) and takes place about 200 years after the Events of Torchlight II, but the developer intends to add an infinite dimension (Hence the title): cohorts of monsters to face, randomly generated dungeons to increase replayability, extremely diverse and varied boys, a system of progression based on unlocking skills in 24 different talent trees for Encouraging the creativity of the players and if the game is playable solo, we can also recruit weapon companions throughout its adventure (four at launch, then later).

Torchlight: Infinite - Official Cinematic Trailer

And if the output date of Torchlight: Infinite is not yet announced, the game is nevertheless already the subject of a beta-test aimed at collecting the advice of players to refine the gameplay. And for the curious, the inscriptions are open on the official website. Ultimately, Torchlight: Infinite aims to integrate multiplatform options. The first phases of tests are nevertheless organized on mobile platforms — tests on other platforms are provided later.


First Torchlight Kinematic Trailer: Infinite