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Forza Horizon 5 So you master the challenge with the VW type 2

Who regularly plays Fora Horizon 4 or the successor, knows the daily challenges of the Festival Spiellististe. In Fora Horizon 5, these have been partly much more complex — for example, in the task of 28.12. A complete Horizon Tour with the Volkswagen type 2 are driven.

This does not sound dramatically first, until it realizes that the topics of the tour are determined and only in certain cases the bus is permitted at all. Here is a small tip, as you keep the frustration as low as possible:

Make sure you have a tuning downloaded for the different performance classes from D to S2 (or built yourself).
Goes on the map to the starting point of the Horizon Tour on the Mexico Festival terrain and starts the search, but not the tour itself.
Every 120 seconds the topic of the tour changes. Once a tour appears, with your free vehicle selection, you select them.

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Now you have two minutes to install the appropriate tuning for the required performance class in peace via the menu in the Tab Auto and does not have to look for something hastily.

Although you still have to have some luck and patience, but at least you do not miss the first chance for participation because the car was not ready.

The tour does not have to be won, according to the task, but experience shows that the computer opponents usually can not keep up with you.

At the end of the three races, you have fulfilled your daily task and secured you a progress point on the game list and valuable formation points.