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Wow: 5 small features that were lost over time…

If you talk about features that were abolished in Wow, then you usually think of the rather big and drastic content — from world buffs to scenarios to talent trees. But there are also a lot of rather smaller features that have been either completely removed from the game over time, or ignored by the developers and are therefore forgotten.

Around such features, Rex troy’s latest video turns. Among them some whose abolition many players probably not noticed. Others in turn, to which one first recalled at the mention.

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Five features that were lost…

… The world defense was abolished with Legion. Who can not remember how the chat messages ran through the tickers then a friendly NPC was attacked by the enemy faction somewhere. With the sharing was then finished with the feature.
… the Colosseum of Hotels is actually still in the game, but without opponent genome pointless. You can earn various rewards in the context of your garrison in Won and the Sanctuary of the Gladiator there.
… the kiting of Bosses was a great feature in Classic. Anyone who has played then, who has certainly noticed how world bosses were pulled into the capitals. Today, the bosses reset if you remove too far from your spawn position.
… Special drops from Rare-Mobs is still available. But with the revision of Cataclysm also disappeared Diverse Rare-Mobs from Wow (Buy now €14.99) and with you very special items.
… In the war it made it possible for an earlier, members of a faction, in which one had already had a positive reputation, still to attack. As a result, you could often increase somewhere else his call or dust certain prey, otherwise not possible. The feature is still in the game in theory, but practically can not be used anymore.

5 Forgotten Features in WoW
Which of the features would you like to have in the game — or where the developers should put a little more love?



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