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Battlefield 2042, Nuclear Maker Declaration of Handling

Last 12, the nuclear makers of Battlefield 2042 have announced that they will stop nuclear production through the discord. It’s like a good news, but the game’s ‘Quality’ problem of the game was considered for the reason and the disgrace of the disgrace.

The reasons why they revealed, not by the anti-cheat or thorough sanctions, but the performance of the game is not well working because it is not good for the performance of the game. In the production discontinuation, the representation of ‘The Game Is Dying’ is also said that the user of the Battlefield 2042 is constantly decreasing. In fact, illegal nuclear makers are analyzed for the main reason why the decline in user decreases due to thorough money by money.


However, the gamers agree to this claim is bone sick. The decline in the Battlefield 2042 is not yesterday today. On the 14th, the Battlefield 2042, the maximum concurrent connection of the Battlefield 2042 is 8,537. On the other hand, in the case of the previous battlefield 5, the maximum simultaneous connections are 2692 to about 2.5 times. Of course, the Battlefield 2042 is an unusual thing that the EA Origin is not reflecting everything in the EA Origin, but it does not reflect everything.

From the time of the release, Battlefield 2042 was criticized in a variety of ways that the battles field 2042 had a level design, weapon and boarding equipment balance issues, inorganic and boarding equipment balance issues, and the game that can not proceed with the game. This problem was applied due to the hotfix patch, but it was reversed in the complaint of the use of the users, and the game that has the still bugs to be satirized is a steam than the Battlefield 2042.

Meanwhile, EA conducted massive patches last month to improve large bug fixes and balance. And to find the glory of the title, the Call of Duty Series, Apex Legend, and Titan Paul’s Vince Griffin is being tried to solve the problem of battlefield series in a variety of ways, including the overall of Battlefield Franchise.