Black money in the amateur area: DFB relativized and warns


According to ARD information, there are suspected about 500 million euros per season in black money in amateur football research that provides for sensation. Now the German Football Association (DFB) has reported speaking. If payments to players and players in lower amateur countries are basically for the wrong way, the association makes clear in a question-and-answer piece published on Tuesday, For each amateur association, the promotion of offspring and the construction of sustainable structures for the organized Sports are in the foreground, not just the short-term success of a 1st team.

In many places payments mainly to coaches and players, it is known to the association — and after his view a consequence of the pyramidal league system with increasing demands to all involved. An Oberlin as a substructure and transition to (SEMI) professional regional league is different against this background than, for example, a county league, says. The ARD survey, after which in the fifth league 89.9 percent, in the sixth league 76.6 percent, in the seventh league 50.9 percent, and in the eighth league still 36.4 percent of all players’ money for their use Given the blade for more than it is, the DFB finds: Almost 60 percent of the teams are located below the 9th League. This relativizes the picture that felt in almost all 24,300 football associations payments to players are done.

Clubs can decide for themselves

Even the association sees little room for maneuver for customizations: clubs could decide independently whether and to what extent they made funds. It is also not possible to prohibit that clubs employ active below a certain class level against charges: The possibility to pursue an activity as a vocational athlete in the lower leagues is legally protected, the DFB clearly represents. Non-profit clubs, however, would have to be careful not to lose their status. If paid athletes paid in the game operation, this may affect the income tax classification of the team and the tax liability, warns the association. It is known that, among other things, tax offices in clubs.

In the case of a registered contract player, the obligation for the association to submit to the competent association to submit the subscription referenced to the tax office and social security funds. If this is not provided, the DFB clearly represents this to the preliminary withdrawal of playfulness. In addition, the submission of an annual report is required and also checked — in case of violations would have spoken out fines and points. However, other examinations of compliance with the rules can only be sampled, because a comprehensive control of club expenditure is not possible with the associations in the amateur game classes in the face of more than 24,000 clubs nationwide.

You do not like to close your eyes before the topic, but get according to his information and elucidation obligation, the association claims. And warns its clubs: The sports development report appearing every three years would emphasize that almost exclusively sports clubs in existential financial difficulties advised, the payments on athletes and athletes made.