Ticket sale for Qatar

The followers of the German football national team can immediately cover with tickets for the World Cup in Qatar.

Like the World Association FIFA notified, the official ticket sale started on Wednesday at 11am for the tournament adopted from 21 November to 18 December 2022. In this first sales phase, team tickets, single cards, barrier-free tickets and a package with tickets can be acquired to four games in four different stages.

Show with these offers, that we want to bring football to as many fans from all over the world, said FIFA General Secretary Fatwa Seymour: With this football festival in state-of-the-art stadiums, fans can discover the diverse culture and history of the region. We are happy To bring together people of different cultures at this football spectacle. Each trailer needs a Hay’ya Card for the entry to Qatar, the corona controls will be announced at a later date.

According to FIFA in the first selling phase, early order does not increase the chance of tickets. All applicants will come into a pot regardless of their order date, the tickets will be awarded after 8 February. The demand exceeds the offer, is released. After determining all final sales participants, a second sales phase is planned in March. The remaining tickets will be awarded after the draw on April 1st.

Due to the short distances in the gulf state, fans can order tickets for several games a day, the visit of two directly consecutive matches is excluded. Overall, each household may order up to six tickets per encounter and up to 60 tickets for the whole tournament. As with the past three World Championships, there are a discounted ticket category (around ten euros) for persons from the host country.