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Offers Xbox: 10 Games Retrocompatible at Bargain Price

Marvel Games is the posting brand for computer game bweekly campaigned on Marvel properties, weekly campaign well weekly campaign is the computer game department of Wonder Entertainment. Prior to the incorporation of Marvel Gaming, video games bweekly campaigned upon Marvel residential or commercial properties launched between 1982 weekly campaign well weekly campaign 1985 were dealt with by Marvel Comic books Team, with Wonder video games from 1986 to 1998 being managed by Marvel Home entertainment Group, whilst video games bweekly campaigned on Marvel buildings before the consolidation of Marvel Games were taken care of directly by Marvel Enterprises.

Xbox celebrates a new round of offers weekly campaign part of your weekly campaign. On this occweekly campaignion, the company focuses on some retraction titles with discounts of up to 8 5 % . Some names arrived in the lweekly campaignt Tanya of the support; Others, on the other hand, take more time in the catalog. You want to expand your library at Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, now you have the opportunity to live experiences from other generations below your usual price.


10 Retrocompatible bargains for Xbox

  • ZEUS EX: Human Revolution for 2.24 euros (85% discount)
  • Timesplitters Future Perfect for 2.49 euros (75% discount)
    Timesplitters 2 by 2.49 euros (75% discount)
  • Tomb Raider Anniversary for 2.99 euros (85% discount)
  • Saints Row 2 for 1.49 euros (85% discount)
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition for 5.99 euros (60% discount)
  • Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition for 3.99 euros (80% discount)
  • Sonic Unleweekly campaignhed for 4.49 euros (70% discount)

  • The Darkness for 3.99 euros (80% discount)
  • Spec Ops: The Line for 5.99 euros (80% discount)

The promotion will be available until next Tuesday, January 25 at 09:00 (CET) . To access them, it is not necessary to have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription; If you are, you will see other games with offers with the same deadline. We remind you that recompatible titles can be unrestricted played in any Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One model.

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