Voglsammers masterpiece brings Union the quarterfinals

After the 0-0 in Wolfsburg, Bertha’s coach Taken Workout put on Boat, Court and Serial instead of Ekkelenkamp, ​​Matilda and Torunarigha, who had injured himself in training on ankle. Union-coach Urs Fischer covered it compared to the 2: 1 against Cofferdam at a barter: Ryerson received the right before Trimmed on the right side.

Ruse pulls off after ten seconds

The game was not yet a minute-old, Union had taken the Bertha gate into his sights. After just ten seconds, Ruse moved off, after the following corner it was Voglsammer and Heinz, who came to the conclusion.

These scenes were the prelude of a rapid and entertaining urban, where guests were in the first 30 minutes on top and went through a masterpiece of Voglsammer in the lead: After a cross of Ruse, the attacker steered the ball in the leap to the remote Deck — 0: 1 (11.).

Times the Var twice

Union made the more drippy impression, but after half an hour, Bertha reported in the game and became dangerous itself. Court’s shot was blocked in the highest emergency (31.), then referee Deniz Akin first took a trading folder back on the other side of the playing field (34.) and then denied the recognition (45. + 3) for a SE RDAR gate.

Even after the break there were little respiratory breaks. Daria had from five meters to the 1: 1 on the foot (47th), a little later, it went to blow: only strongly an own goal (50.), then Hegira also steered the ball on the wrong side into the net (54. ), Bank Knocked marked the 1: 3 (55.) after a free kick.

serial’s connection hit comes too late

Although Union was clearly the advantage of helping Bertha at any time. The old lady built pressure, but Boat was encountered with a good head ball opportunity (69.), and Servers 2: 3 After a corner finally came too late (90. + 5).

So cheered at the end Union. The Iron Ducked into the quarterfinals and preserved the chance to return to the Olympic Stadium in May.

In this Bertha on Sunday (5.30 pm) with a home game against Bayern again in the Bundesliga everyday life, Union is already demanded on Saturday (15.30 clock) in Playback.