NFL only tests players with symptoms

The US Football Profiling NFL will continue to test unvaccinated players only with symptoms on corona. The hitherto daily sample withdrawals are omitted. According to ESPN, the League has agreed on this policy with the player union NHLPA. So far, the regulation was only for vaccinated professionals.

In the eight teams remaining in the play-offs, there is allegedly just a dozen unpaired players. One of them is superstar Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. After a corona infection, the quarterback is exempted from the tests as a generous 90 days, but this period ends soon.

This symptom-based test approach corresponds to the current health care recommendations and offers the best chance to identify cases immediately, quoted ESPN from a memo to the clubs. From 12 December to January 8, 756 players and 478 Staff members have been positively tested. The majority had no symptoms.

Most recently, ESPN had already reported that the Hockey Profiling NHL only wants to test symptoms. The default should apply according to the All star Game (5 February). However, before border crossing from the US to Canada and conversely, tests are planned.