2. League – Kanter victory in Aue: Schalke 04 climbs fourth

Driven by the outstanding new addition Andreas Sondheim, Schalke 04 celebrated his first victory in the new year and continues to join in the ascent race of the 2nd Bundesliga.

The royal blue won on Saturday night at the penultimate Erzgebirge AUE with 5: 0 (2: 0), Sondheim played great at his debut, scored a goal himself and headed three goals.

I could not have any better start, I’m just glad that I could help the team with my flanks, said Sondheim at SKY: We have all the opportunities to rise, that’s the goal of the club and my personal goal.

First, the Norwegian prepared the guidance of Forager Simon Eroded (36th), only two minutes later he completed himself (38.) successfully. Danny Later (51./63.) Increased by double pack, even the second goal of the Routinize fell after a cross – just like Marvin Pie ringers (72nd) gate to the final score. Schalke had only borrowed National Sondheim on January 10 from the Czech top Club Sparta Prague to develop more pressure on the right outer track.

Due to the first win for six weeks, Schalke (34 points) is now in fourth place and forms with Welder Bremen on relegation plate three (35) and the fifth-placed Hamburger SV (34) a prominent pursuer field. In the front, Darmstadt 98 (39) and FC St. Pauli (37).

In view of the last playful points, Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammars had demanded a strong performance of his team over 90 minutes, not just over 55. Until the double strike by Eroded and Sondheim, however, it was a very balanced game on a rampaged place. In the episode, Schalke became more and more dominant, AUE fell true after the break.

Erzgebirge AUE – Schalke 04: The listings

AUE: Manner – Catalpa, Goiter, Majetschak – John-Patrick Strauss, Heinrich, Polanski (55th Lazaro) – Ionic, Hochscheidt (74th Wreck) – Kuhn (46th Tragic), Ow usu (74th Cartel). – Trainer: Moscow

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Schalke: Frail – Turks (68th Lode), Calif Sane, Thaw – Sondheim, Pals son, Ocean – Salazar (46th Later), Idris (81. Mikhail) – Eroded (61st Butler), Pie ringer (80, Hurling). – Trainer: Grammars