“Apex Legends” Nintendo Switch version, “I encountered another model even though cross-play invalid” will increase. Criticlabed intrusion bug

Currently, at Apex Legends , a report on the matching server for Nintendo Switch, and other console players can enter the failure. For users to avoid cross play, it is a rumoring situation that encounters a misplaced player.

Apex Legends is a popular online match FPS game that Respawn Entertainment works. This work has been released PC / PS4 / Xbox One version in 2019, and last year on March 10, 2019, develops for Nintendo Switch. Cross play beyond the platform also supports many players’ popularity.

And now the report is currently reported on the SNS, Nintendo Switch dedicated servers, and other model users will put in. In Apex Legends, it is possible to match the same platform user by disabling cross-platform play from the setting screen. However, despite that, the users of other console such as PS4 and Xbox One come into a match. Therefore, using the 3 hardware of Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, the inventive bug was verified by the authors.

We will omit the specific method that causes a problem. Verification was careful to bother the player and other players. Specifically, landing by a party that gets down to the non-fierce war district in casual match. I did not respond, and I analyzed the matching machine model from the watching screen after death and after death.

First, about the intrusion of the PS4 version of the Nintendo Switch version of the user. In fact, I confirmed that the authors could invade the Nintendo Switch server using the PS4 version. In the PS4 version of the book watching screen, the PlayStation icon is displayed on the left of the name of the same model player. However, even if the author used the above-mentioned method, even if it overlaps the match, the same model user could not confirm from the PS4 side player screen. Also, most players showed the behavior of the Nintendo Switch-specific gyro operation and the behavior of the reminiscence. In other words, it is considered that the Nintendo Switch version has been placed in the PS4 version.

And it is the display of the PS4 side when you use a trunk bug with a tattoo of the PS4 / Nintendo Switch. Using a method that has been poured, the playlist display on the PS4 side is PS4 only (cross playoffs. Since you have a party with the Nintendo Switch version of the user, they are inconsistent at this point. Moreover, if it is a matching of PS4 version only as shown, the PlayStation icon should be lined up next to the player name during watching. If the above points are combined, it is considered that at least PS4 players are in matching of only Nintendo Switch players. However, it should be noted that this verification does not go out of guessing on the system of this work.

Subsequently, I examined the above-mentioned approach between the PC version and the Nintendo Switch version. As a result, it was confirmed that PC matching is included with the Nintendo Switch user. But the opposite seems difficult. At least in the technique confirmed by the authors seem to be impossible to enter Nintendo Switch-only matching. As a verification result in the technique used by the author, PS4 version users can have a Nintendo Switch version server. Nintendo Switch version can enter the PC version server. On the other hand, PC version users could not enter the Nintendo Switch server.

As mentioned earlier, reports that the use of this intruding bug was currently witnessed on SNS, and at the time, Switch 鯖 called a topic that SWITCH 鯖 enters the trend of the Domestic Twitter. Although it is a console, the environment is different on each platform. First, the effect of the sense of operation is large. In addition to the Nintendo Switch-specific gyro operation, there is also a difference in frame rate that is the upper limit. The Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends operates at a 30 fps upper limit. On the other hand, the PS4 / Xbox One version is the upper limit of 60 fps. The frame rate is an important factor in this work, which is an FPS game, and in such aspects, the Switch plate is somewhat disadvantageous. Also, the Nintendo Switch version is considered to be narrow the viewing angle.

Each of the models is different, and the user’s layer will also change. A player who offs cross play to avoid such differences sues the damage to this intruding bug.

In any case, abuse of defects is an act that has been prohibited by the terms of use of Apex Legends. It should be aware of because it will receive a corresponding penalty. Although there are many opaque points about the actual situation of the intruding bug, it is a fact that many users complain of complaints as I encountered an inventor. Developer RESPAWN Entertainment will show some response to the voices of such users in the future?