NBA: Lakers Comeback in Miami comes too late – Wagner brothers outline – Warriors win despite curry-off

The Los Angeles Lakers show in Miami Moral, but ultimately lose. The Wagner brothers both play great and annoy the leader in the East. The Golden State Warriors win the top game in the West – despite a weak Stephen Curry.

New York Knicks (23-24) – L.A. Clippers (23-25) 110: 102 (Box score)

  • After last three partly Decal home defeats at a piece, the kinks against the clippers could reconcile a little with their home audience. The much criticized Julius Randle showed increasing form, the Power Forward came in 40 minutes to 24 points (8/15 FG, 3/7 threesome), 9 rebounds and 5 assists. The 7 ball losses were the small beauty error of his good performance.
  • Both teams started unusually hot for the early tip-off (1 pm local time), the hosts met eight of their first eleven triples, at the clippers it was at least 60 percent (6/10) in the first twelve minutes. Of course, that could not hold the actors, in halftime two teams did not even hit 35 percent out of the field.
  • The knicks had a double-digit lead early and did not give them anymore. In the fourth section, the projection grew at times to 14 meters. Best kink was again R.J. Barrett (28, 14 rebounds, 6 assists), while Cam Reddish, who was recently used Via Trade from Atlanta, was first used. In good five minutes, 2 counters and 2 rebounds were noted for the forward.
  • In the clippers, Reggie Jackson (26, 10/18 FG, 5 Assists), otherwise the guests lost the game at the freezer (only 20/30 ft) and on the boards (40:52). Via Cuba (17, 14 boards) posted a good double-double, while Isaiah Hammerstein (1 rebound, 1 block) was allowed to play only almost four minutes in the first half. Instead, Serge Aka (9, 4/6, 5 rebounds) received the lion’s share of the backup minutes on the five.

Washington Wizards (23-24) – Boston Celtics (24-24) 87: 116 (Box score)

  • Throwing crisis? This topic pushed Jayson Tatum in the capital very quickly. Before the game, the All-Star of Celtics had not met his last 20 threesome all, with the Wizards, on the other hand, the first four sat. With 31 points, the Forward put on a season record, so many meters had no player after 24 minutes this season.
  • And who knows, maybe the Career High of 60 points would have been awakened when the game had been open slightly longer. At the end of the third quarter, the guests from Boston already led to 22 points, Tatum stood at 48, but came back for seven minutes before the end only good 180 seconds. Thus, it was ultimately 51 points (18/28 FG, 9/14 threesome, 6/6 ft, 10 rebounds, 7 assists) in just under 33 minutes, with the nine transformed threesome were a personal best.
  • If you give so many throws and knows what you are able to do, then you just have to laugh about it, said Tatum on his slump. It’s so simple, sometimes you just award throws. There are many games.
  • It was the best game of Celtics for weeks, which also had defensively concentrated. For most of the time, the wizards remained below 40 percent from the field, also Bradley Deal (19, 7/17, 7 Assists) could only change little. Especially from the distance, the hosts remained cold, only Kyle Burma (12) and Thomas Bryant (11) met more than one attempt (8/34 as a team).
  • Boston had for the first time since a felt eternity all players on board, beside Tatum also made Jaylen Brown (18, 4/9 threesome, 10 boards) and Marcus Smart (11, 6 assists, 4 steals) their business good. Dennis Schröder (7, 2/5 FG, 5 assists) remained unobtrusive in his 22 minutes.

Orlando Magic (9-39) – Chicago Bulls (28-17) 114: 95 (Box score)

  • Surprise in Orlando and the main responsibility for this were the Wagner brothers. Moritz Wagner was with 23 points (9/13 FG, 4 assists) of the top scorer of the Magic and also benefited from the early foul problems of Mo Samba, which was greed in the further course of Magic coach Jamal Mosley. Franz Wagner steered another 18 meters (7/14 FG) and 5 assists in 38 minutes, including the direct brothers Connection to see.
  • The focus was mostly the older Wagner, which could annoy ex-Magic-Star Nikola NuCivic and again. Of several times, the Berlin offensive foul moved against the Bulls Center, the 3:30 minutes before the end with 13 points (4/19 FG, 13 rebounds) frustrated. It was just not the evening of the Montenegriner, with decimated Bulls urgently needed the center.

Chicago only played 10 assists in the complete game, it took until the middle of the third quarter before even a bank player of the guests had gesture. Instead, most of the time it was the one-man show of Dear German (41, 15/21 FG), which was crushed for the first time in the Bulls Jersey 40 meter. Otherwise, only Coby White (22, 8/18) scored two digits.
Orlando led in the third quarter temporarily with 20 meters before the bulls responded with a 13: 0 run. But the hosts had an answer, among others enthusiastic No.5-Pick Galen Songs (15, 7 assists) with this Dunk over Dozen. Cole Anthony (11, 4/13), on the other hand, played a bit more inconspicuous, Wendell Carter Jr. put 19 points and 7 rebounds.
We work so hard in the first half, which we have often done in the past, but we have to get better in breaking the opposing team and not to get it back into the game after break, revealed Moritz Wagner The recipe for success.

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